Hispanoamerican Symposium 02 (PC Tulasi)

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Hare Krsna dear Gurumaharaja

Please accept our sincere obeisances

Jay Srila Prabhupada!

After making some inquiries and consulting with my fellow representatives of the Ministry, some alternatives arose according to your guidelines:

  • Your suggested speakers: SS Hanumatpresaka Swami, SS Yadunandana Swami, Radhika Ramana das, Subhra devi dasi.

Speakers and topics suggested by us:

  • Dhanvantari Swami: I would be willing to give a talk about the Bhakti Sastri program offered at the Jaladuta institute.

  • Prema Rupa das (Argentina): has a very successful online sastric program, especially aimed at grhasthas. Could contribute to this topic (DVAD). I spoke with him, very kind and willing to collaborate. Sends you his obeisances.

  • Mitravinda devi dasi (Representative of the Ministry in Brazil) She directs the online educational program of the Jaladuta institute of Dhanvantari Swami. Very capable. She can emphasize this pedagogical format.

  • Sarvabhauma das (Brazil) is operating a community and educational program for Vanaprasthas in his country. He wants to attract devotees to collaborate with him. (Needs a translator, but there are vailable)

  • Harinam Gauranga das (Colombian and Representative of the Ministry in his country, Venezuela and Panama) He can explain the challenges and strategies that it means to start / formalize a pedagogical program where it does not exist (an authentic pioneer!).

  • Param Padam das (Argentina and representative of the Ministry in his country, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay) Proposes 2 workshops: 1) a teacher training seminar (accreditation processes and how to build your online course) / 2) a meeting-debate (on pedagogical methods and facilitation of tools for the presentation / teaching of controversial topics). In this case, it is about participatory programs, separately on two different days.

  • Subhadra devi dasi (Brazil) is in charge of a very successful childhood education program for the children of devotees of different ages, she also directs the educational program for the National Board of Brazil. (Needs a translator, but there are vailable)

  • Gandharva das (Peru and representative of the Ministry in his country, Ecuador and Bolivia) 'Pramanas and learning experiences', in which I propose learning strategies of contemporary education linked to Vedic epistemology.

  • Laksmana-agraja das (Peru) Teaching-learning process in SB classes.

  • We can also summon Aravinda das (Argentina / Mexico) and Karunya Nitai das (Ecuador), both renowned educators.

You can make a selection of those participants that seem most suitable for the event.


Gandharva das

HpS - Wow! AgtSP. Paoho.

Are you in contact with the ISKCON Ministry of Education? How often? Who? What Official positions?

We hear some real concern from Members of Peru Yatra management that they feel lack of communication. When we last time you were in contact with Director of Education for Peruvian National Council?

We are specifically asking ISKCON Chosika to be a co-sponsor of this December 15th to January 7th ASA Symposium on Education.

Then we hope to organize another in Houston March 7th-17th. Then.... others in USA, Spain July 15th to October 7th, India Kartika.

So, we can make a commitment take things slowly and progress.

With the proposed time we have, three weeks, we can accommodate so many people. We will want to consolidate things for our movie: DTC-UT.

Subra devi Das and Radhika ramana Das will be coming mid-December and 25th December so they can be focus for VAD education, Kinder to Kollege, but we need good work on general principles of education eg. What is the goal of education? What is an educated man?


You will be staying with your in-laws for some of these days and be visiting regularly?

Please discuss all these things with Karuna krsna Prabhu and give us some news here.

Thank you so, so, so much. Your Monkeys are just as much alive our our dinning room table as the first day they came.

P.S. We forgot to add, Patraka Das, CMDD, Rohini Devi Dasi to the list!!