Manipuri Gita, Yamunesvara Das Personal Report.

Hare Krsna, Guruji Maharaja

Dandavat Pranam,

Please accept my humble obeisances unto the padmacharan of Guruji Maharajah that this letter is draft some weeks before but could not post. Luckily today I can open the blog. Excuse me for the delay.

The translation work of Bhagavad-Gita As It Is of A.C. Prabhupada in Manipuri (Bangali and Meitei scripts) is completed and the proofreading stage is 3rd round completed.

HpS - ASA -- AgtSP!! I don't think people realize how much editing work is necessary for producing good books. Nobel Laureate, Albert Camus, said that unless you rewrite , edit, six times, you are a coward! Thanks to the editors.

Due to Covid, progress is delayed. While translating the English version of A.C. Prabhupada “Bhagavad-Gita As It Is” Prabhu Parth Sarthi Das found some words and sentences which gives two meaning internal and external. Such words and sentences are really will be helpful for the kaniska bhaktas and general readers. Prabhu Partha Sarathi Das is trying to publish the collections in a small book form so as to help the readers. The name of the book will be “Key English version of Srila Prabhupada bringing out the divine transcendental messages as implicitly contain in the selected verses of Bhagavad-Gita As It Is”.

Example :

4:27    - Purport - Last Para but four sentences – The senses interact with the sense objects.        

5:21   - Purport – Last but two sentences - Spiritual realization and sex pleasure go ill together.

9:1     - Purport – Second Para - Discussion of Krsna is very potent and if a ……

9:2     - Purport – Last Parra first sentence – As will be seen in Bhagavad-gita, actual devotional service begins after liberation.

9:26    - Purport – First Para last but two sentences : Bhakti is never causal.

12.1    - Purport - First Para fifth sentence – The personalist devotee engages himself with all

                                energy in the service of the Supreme Lord.

15:8   - Purport – It is a false claim that after the annihilation of this body everything is


17:15 - Purport – Middle part – One should at once quote from scriptural authority to back up

                              what he is saying. At the same time, such talk should be very pleasurable to

      the ear.  

In the Bhagavatam 11.21.41 – Translation : The Vedic meters are Gayatri……   and in the Purport : The Gagatri meter has twenty four syllables.

       Prabhu Partha Sarthi Das narrated me that the qualities of Bhagavan Sri Krsna were sung firstly by Brahma, from this tune the Gayatri is known as Brahma Gayatri. It is one of the sandas of Veda twenty four syllables. Veda has different sandas as Gayatri, Stupa ….. etc. Again for the satisfaction of mind different Goswamis used selected verses as hyme and it is known as Mantra.

HpS - Is very nice and Lord Caitnya is so kind that he has made it accesible for people with even less scholarship, and in essence it all is manifestation of the Maha-mantras: Sri Krsna Chaitanya.... Hare Krsna... Haraye namah...!

Prabhu Sadhubhusan Das will forward some pictures and videos of the Vyas Pujah at that time I will try to upload those things because I am fully engaged in the management of the function so I have no time to take pictures and not so expert.

HpS - Thank you. We hope that it was glorification of you, me, Srila Prabhupada, Bh. SIddhanta . . . Krsna.

Yours fallen servant,

Yamuneswara Das

HpS - I think there is no problem with you posting letters now. If you Save them and there is no quick reply, then Whatsapp us with notice of the full letter in this Blog.