At your Lotus feet!!!

All Glories too Srila Prabhupada !!!

Please acept my humble obeisences!!!

Thank you very much gurudeva.

I hope you are very well. It is very impressive and motivating to hear your classes and your complete dedication to serve the devotees through the study of the scriptures, your wise advice and your way of seeing the absolute truth. I try to listen to the classes online by GoToMeeting from our Asram but it is almost impossible due to the poor internet connection and the program is very heavy, it takes up a lot of data so we listen to the classes online by facebook when possible.

HpS - It is our loss!!

I am dying of shame not being able to assist you in the translations and see the effort you make in the classes ... I apologize !!! Please excuse my failures and my lack of dedication ..

ASA - ! ! ! Hare Krsna!!!! This pandemic is a wonderful opportunity for all of to discover a new world and new resources.

When the pandemic started here in Argentina, roughly the beginning of March, I was on a sankirtan trip with our small motor home van with a lot of books and I was eager to distribute them ... and I was heading to Santiago de Chile to receive you and try to serve you or assist. ..By arrangement of providence I was forced to return to the Sri Govardhana asrama !!! to wait for the pandemic to pass and continue with the traveling Sankirtana ... but the quarantine was extended and we got focus on the SB Study, Bg, etc. So since March I'm trying to get deeper into the SB...

... we have a very nice study group here at the farm and we are finishing the study of Canto 4 and I was also leading a study group for brahmacaris for 3 or 4 months for brahmacaris from chile and others based on the study of Bhakti Vikas Swami's book ... (it was very good and I think it helped the devotees a lot and obviously me).

HpS - Yes, it is very interesting. Now Spring is coming, so you will have more work with agriculture, no? Lord Balarama's gardens.

Also, by the grace of Krishna and Guru, I have a very good study partner and we studied canto 6 complete with 4 more devotees per we finish the canto and go on to prepare canto 1 to do the Bhakti Vaibhava online ...

...not yet we are sure where or Mayapur institute or eco.village govardhana .. but well the important thing is that I have a very good friend who likes to study a lot and is very enthusiastic ..

HpS - ASA -- To me the Eco.village program seems the best!

I remember when you said that when you lived in the temple you were looking for someone to study with systematically ... I think it was at Berkeley ... very good ...

ASA - At one point we decided that study partner was as important as teacher!!

My Japa vrata is regular and 80% mangala aratik and full program ... the monotony of staying in one place for so many months I think it has affected the sadhana a bit but we are following the regulative principles very well ... I don't see karmis movies, I don't waste time with news and politics ... I am also spending part of my time in the orchard and garden.

HpS - Super. Staying one place. You can move from one chair to another. Then back to the desk, then to the patio!! Ha! Ha! HAre! yet that is just as valid for people in the mode of goodness. Travel to the different planestary systems on your magic carpet.

Well I do not want to bore yo more with this letter ..

I ask you please not to forget about this servant who is trying to do something without personal interest and who wants to satisfy you and our dear Srila Prabhupada.

If you have any instructions or advice I would accept it with my heart ... and soul.

Your servant trying to get to your feet, panca tattva das

HpS - Writing every day? If you preach to five people that is a full time engagement!