Kdpc - Quarantine in Vrndavan

Nitay Gauranga!  

Quarantine in Vrndavan. 

Dear Gurudeva

pamho AGTSP all the glories at your lotus feet that are REALLY THE ONLY way to get out of this stinking material world full of temporary desires,

HpS - We see that whatever determination we have is probably the mercy of Srila Prabhupada.

...for more attempts and strength I have it is useless to get out of here, but your blessings are the only way to make any progress on this path. 

I am in Vrndavan due to the miscerity of the Karuna virus and I have never felt so much in Maya like now 😆, the only thing that has made me stay in Vrndavan are your classes and your comments on the Vrndavan Mahimambrita of Purnamasi in his appearance (I don't know what it is called) of rest I only suffer for my ignorance. So since I can no longer travel with Harinama Ruci due to the current situation and I do not have a ticket to leave India, we are participating in the "Harinama Vrndavan" Group from Monday to Friday at 4 pm to 9 pm in the Vrndavan parikrama, On Saturdays we do FFL with my partner (planning to get married in November) if everything goes well with the blessings of the Vaisnavas, on Tuesdays a Namahatta Group and on Sundays Parikrama, we are also doing a series of 1 minute BG videos explaining each chapter From the BG, we go to chapter 3.

my rounds a chaos sometimes at 2 am sometimes at 4 am sometimes at 6 pm sometimes 3 days finishing them, I will be able and staggering devotional service cannot establish me firmly.

Beloved Gurudeva I always carry you in my heart, please humbly bless me to overcome all obstacles in devotional service, and not leave Vrndavan with more debts than I came,

I'm only suffer from mosquitoes, mosquitoes, 48 ​​degrees centigrade , skin allergies, and constant criticism of my mind, please bless me, (like that Gopi who prayed to Krsna that she would be homeless without food with incurable diseases, still she would not take a step outside of Vrndavan), I am very weak Gurudeva please humbly ask you to help me. Thank you for being my Guide. You are the best of this material world. 

from the bottom of my hard heart your would-be servant

Vrajendra Kumara Das. 

ps: now I know what the KD key is 😌😂😉 I am now fully following all his classes and KD, (I did not find Vrndavan Mahimambrita's book in Jayarama.com neither in English nor in Spanish 😣😣😔 )

HpS - jayarama.us ..... not .com. ....... Hm??

http://www.jayarama.us/archives/ and then look at the following links. The first has some Spanish transtions but I don't think much. The other are old and modern Microsoft word files. Just to sit in Vrndavana is glorious. Krsna!!! Krsna!!!! As long as we can breath we can chant.




thank you. Go ahead!!!!