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Dear Gurudev, please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! 

Enjoyed reading the KD very much.

We are in Vrindavan Dham now sick as a mangy dog. We had a very uplifting experience in Mayapur at the ILS a couple weeks ago. I’m wanting (in the spirit of the name that you gave us) to be a good messenger and bring some of these gems back to Boise unspoiled. Highlight for us was The Power of Japa class given by mother Devaki Devi Dasi. All of our problems are because of our inattentive chanting! She has a great German/Australian accent and has written some incredible books that we are starting to scratch the surface of. Just read this from her book entitled Sheltering Relationships:

“As a result of catching our selves doing the wrong thing, we will regret, repent and lament. Crying out to Krishna for help. We will beg him to enter our heart to kill this demoniac tendency. Ultimately, only Krishna can kill this Aghasura demon, who resides in our heart causing cruelty, violence and trouble to others out of envy. Lord Nrsimhadev is very expert in performing heart surgery with his sharp nails. All we have to do is urgently request him to do so. Our problem is that we hang on to our envy within our heart, hoping that it will give us some tasty fruits. We do not want to let go of it. Instead we embrace and protect it, thinking it will offer us some enjoyment and satisfaction. We cling on to it. However, we seriously pray to Krishna to remove it, lamenting: ‘Oh, Krishna when will the day come when I can finally let go of it all’ Then krishna will reciprocate and do what’s required”.

We are missing Boise. Boise feels like the Shire (lord of the rings ref.) and we are in the depths of Mordor. But the spontaneous and sincere kirtans and nice classes here are pulling us through. Gratitude is also keeping us somewhat sane. Trying to stay engaged here and not be a selfish tourist caught in the externals. The youth taking selfie's, the air pollution and trash..trying to see all of this as motivation to become a devotee and to get serious about spiritual life but at the same time not just seek liberation. Trying to get out of the fruitive mind set. 

In regards to your question: Who? Is the mime that said: “I stopped trying to be interesting and started to be interested” I asked my Neihbor (who I heard this from) and looked on the web but could not find a name. I realized I should verify my sources before publishing. My apologies, Maharaja. I will let you know if I find and I’ll be more careful about publishing “hear say”.

HpS - No, its great!

We are very much looking forward to your visit to Boise(the shire) We are like simple hobbit people and you are our beloved Wizard lol:) 

Thank you for initiating me into this wonderful Krishna conscious movement. I want to learn how to clap on beat in Srila Prabhupada’s band. With the four principals of freedom from animal life and 16 quality rounds, FMP and reading Prabhupada’s transcendental books everyday it looks there is hope for even me!  

Trying to be your servant,

Nitisara das

P.S. Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra came to us in Ekacharka! But we do not feel at all qualified to take care of them. What should we do?

HpS - Bring Them back. They are 80% merciful. You ar 20% pure!!!! Total = 100%

We talked with Srinivasa, Radhika, Anantarupa, did a ton of research and we are coming on Wednesday. He says you are in the Safe House, so we may only see each other from a distance on Wednesday but even that is O.K.

Us the KDPC (Priority Code in the Kapi Dhvaja to get immediate attention!), not the abbreviation. Thik you did really good in the Dhama!!!!!