I wanna die!!! Bless me please.

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Beloved Guru Maharaja thank you for answering my letter, I left the temple 4 days ago, I no longer live there, after 10 years. I have distributed 540 large books and 50 Bhagavad Gitas in his 4 days, it was incredible, by force and dedication that comes from your practice and high devotion, I am emotionally destroyed and I have a strong existential crisis, so I occupy all the time in sankirtan, tomorrow we will do Sankirtan Harinama with the devotees of the temple, I found a family that can help me open a Ashram for university students, I travel to Colombia tomorrow and Maha Visnu Swami asked me to return to Mexico to join her group to travel through South America, I really give up Guru Maharaja I don't know how to stay longer in this world, I hate being here in this world Matter Guru Maharaja, please beg me to explain how I can get out of this jail, please help me. I love you more than everything. 

his servant Vrajendra Kumara Das

HpS - Good!!! Very Good! You will go to hell for Krsna!

That is all there is to devotional service.

Serving Krsna in any circumstance.


16-GOOD ROUNDS AND YOU WILL KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! We hope after two weeks to hear from you.