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I hope you are VERY well. First of all I want to thank your association, your patience and tolerance in your last visit to BsAs. Your great service and association left a very good result for all the devotees. It is incredible to see how you get to communicate with each one and always finding Best of all, I'm sorry for not being able to help you more in your preaching, I feel very useless. I still can't find my way of preaching and I don't have a very interesting background to say. Anyway I will continue to strive to reach the standard of a good disciple. 

Yapa has been very good this week 25/round minimun every day. When Mangala Aratik starts y already have chanted the 16..(this saintly influence is very nice) .

Right now I am in Vrindavan and just today I went to pray to the Samadhi of Sri Rupa Goswami where 8 years ago I had also prayed strongly for the mercy of becoming a devotee. Today I see that my prayer has not changed and every day I feel less devotee but I will continue to pray. This first week in Vrindavan has been very intense, Janmastami was crazy the deities were changed clothes 5 times (very beautyfull) and SP Vyasa puja was very nice. All this week I was staying in Bhakti Damodara Swami asram doing some services and taking his association. I always pray to find advanced devotees to serve and learn.

 I already talked to the Prabhu Radha kunda Das of Eco Govardhan mumbai, I told him that I wanted to spend a few days while you were there and he told me that I would have to stay in a apartment and that I would have pay some price, he said that you are already In a room with someone else. Anyway it is still not very sure that I go but I have the desire later I will speak again with the devotee to be more concrete and when I organize to travel to mumbai I will let you know ...

Thank you very much for everything excuse me for anything ..

Nitay Gouranga!!!!!

Your servant ptd

HpS - Paoho. AgtSP. We are so happy to hear from you. We have been trying to communicate by Whasapp and everything. We want to thank you and all the devotees in Argentina for letting us join their Sankirtan and hope it had a lasting effect.

The plans for the content of our visits to GEV and NOIDA are developing slowly. Yes, we are sharing a room with Rama-giri-Dhari Das. Tell Radha-kunda Das that we would be very happy to share the room with three of us if that would be o.k. Eg. a mat on the floor.

Other option is NOIDA. That is in Delhi and Yugala Kishora and Gaura-Gadadhara Devi Dasis wanted to visit from Braja for a night. Maybe others such as Tungavidya Devi Dasi.

Be nice to see each other in India and even you participate in these educational development programs.

Hare Krsna. Respects to Damodara Swaami.