Visit to Murfreesboro earlier this year

Hare Krsna!

This is Acarya-nistha Das brahmacari from Chicago Illinois. This was a Sankirtan report from back in June that we had a little trouble posting.

I Recently got to visit Murfreesboro for college outreach cultivation efforts. Some very favorable students at MTSU and we held a small program with some of them. I was privileged to stay with Hanumatpresaka Mahārāja at his ashram for the weekend. I was deeply impressed with Maharajas austerity and simplicity. Felt like Vrindavan in Tennessee. Ecstatic tele- Mangla arati with Peruvian devotees, class, Kirtan and our greatest treasure Krsna Katha.

Mahārāja gave nice talk on BG 12.10 at the weekly Friday program on Bhakti vs Karma Yoga; very relevant for grhastas yet was surprised hardly any questions: perhaps the topic flew over some heads.. Thank you again Mahārāja and we’ll see how we can try to contribute to the preaching there.

Your aspiring servant,

Acharya-nistha Das

HpS - AgtSP. Yes, a little slow in posting. 😀 Two months. We have traveled from the Boro to Houston, Lima, Buenos Aires and back etc. How can we help you? What is your Sankirtan style???