Thank you, India,

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Hare Krishna maharaja,

Pamho, agtsp.

Thank you for your patience, and thank you for your replies to my letters.

Your point about all philosophy comes from a person is brilliant. I have heard you say it before. But the impact is even bigger when it hits close to home.

The wonderful thing about Krishna Consciousness is that, as we go through different stages, dealing with different impurities in our motivation and consciousness, the Good Lord arranges many things synergistically for our benefit. Two days ago, I heard this wonderful class by Srila Prabhupada, delivered on the 3rd December 1975, in which he completely dismantles māyāvādism. He said (paraphrasing)...

"You love your home because you live in it. You love your body because you live in it; you love yourself - the soul. And, who is the source of your soul? Vishnu, Krishna... mamaivamsa Jiva loke jiva bhuta sanatanah (BG 15.7)... Just like Dhruva maharaja, he wanted so many material things, but when he found the source of everything, when he saw Vishnu, he only wanted to serve Him with love. We do not want to merge with our source, we want to serve. When the child cries for mother, when he finds his mother, he does not want to climb back in the womb. No, the child cries for his mother because he wants to have loving exchanges with his her."

Jai Srila Prabhupada!!! Jai HHHPS!!!

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Dr Mabbett

As mentioned in previous letter, Dr. Mabbett and I are scheduled to meet 9th August. I will keep you posted as that develops.

India October

My (big) little birdie said now's not the time. More time working on qualification is necessary. So, I will not come to India in October. I really look forward to someday being qualified to meet with you in Vrindavan again, maharaja. Please continue to guide me so that I too can sit at the table with Jesus.


I enjoy participating live in the classes... such elevated sanga... But they are very late for me (10:30pm) and, therefore, maybe, my participation is with rajasic and tamasic tones. The recordings are better suited for a person of my qualification, who is too fallen to even enter the temple, yet. Please keep posting the recordings on twitter. Your classes are my caitanya (living force).

Hare Krishna!

Your servant

Dhruvānanda (from down under) Das

HpS - Jaya!!! Hari Bolo! Hari Bolo! How is the Japa Mala. Do you knead your beads, feed your beads and wear them around your kneck all day so they can do great deeds?