Memorandum 5/27/2019

6 months, 1 week ago by Bhakta Reilly in Personal Sadhana Reports, Other

Hare Krishna Maharaj,

Please accept my humble obeisances, AGTSP

I'll tried to condense this as I know your very busy. I had a couple important questions Maharaj, and I humbly seek your guidance.

I returned from Korea to Oklahoma here at Fort Sill. I've remained vegan/lactose-vegeterian since Korea (picked at often for it by fellow Soldiers, I kindly explain karma if they truly inquire).

I spent a good fortune of my military pension bonus on returning my mother (Bhaktin S) back to the USA from Europe (despite her felon warrant for DUI). She unfortunately started at her bad habits again while at her mother's residence and was arrested & extradited/charged. I bought her an attorney to get her the best possible outcome and her final sentencing (conditional plea of guilt) she must serve 2 years, possibly more based on a parole board.

I also gave away her property (many sacred deitys from Mayapur and some Shila stones) at B. Temple on the temple owners advice. On the eve of Gaura-Purnima, to my surprise many devotees eagerly appeared and accepted them into their homes. I still had two legitimate Narasimha-Shaligrams in a wooden box that no-one could accept. I took them back to Oklahoma and had an opportunity to travel to Dallas where I visited the Kalachandji Temple. I met the devotee visitor manager there. Surprisingly, I learned the manager & family knew a particular family from B. Temple very well and had housed them during a few visits several years ago.

I explained I needed a home for the Shilas and they graciously accepted. It was a breath of fresh air being around fellow devotees for a time.

Did I do the right thing Maharaj? I feel like the Lord was pushing me to do this for Her.. It's the duty of the oldest son to protect his mother correct? (translation & purport).

I still want to become a M.D. -- I'm looking at re-enlisting in the Army soon and have two options towards this goal:

1. Join a particular unit where I could achieve better training and experience. If I do this, I could leave Oklahoma this year yet at the cost of a few more years of service.

2. Go back to state college in the Army Reserves and use the GI bill to complete this Bio. degree (yet remain in Oklahoma for 18 more months).

I still want to go to Med. School through the military. I want to believe the plan I'm following now is one of service and not selfishness. I don't know what else I'd do at this point. Maharaj.. I humbly ask you to advise what you believe is wise. . .

I wish I had more devotees nearby to associate with. I'm striving to get back onto the bhakti footpath (not the warpath).

Hoping to improve everyday in service, to make this lifetime worth something


HpS - AGTSP.... Thank you for the news. It is very nice. A look into the USA Armed Forces. I feel a little proud to be an American after I hear this. At the present I rather ashamed that we have not got a better man than Mr. Trump for President.

M. D. sounds fine. Main thing is set some standard for Japa for a certain period. eg. two rounds/day for the next fortnight. Then do it. Assess the results and head to Srila Prabhupada's lotus feet. Japa :>> Sankirtan.

I can't make much distinction between the two service options. They both seem viable to me. Chant HK and maybe some one else can give you more expert advice.

I think you are a real good son. Yes, it seems the Silas are going where they want to.

Keep a nice Diary and later share it if Krsna wills.