Tentative date of Manipur visit

1 year, 3 months ago by Yamuneswar Das in Personal Sadhana Reports

All glories to Guru Parampara,

Dandavat Pranam Guruji Maharaja!

Please accept our humble obeisances unto Guruji Maharaja's padamachran that I could no get any reply or information about Guruji's Manipur visit and air tickets of to and frow.

As already discussed I have no role of programme and tickets.

Guruji where are You now adays? Please let me know and highlight the tour dates of Manipur.

I was transferred to cash section and more busy in office.

If Guruji stay in Imphal during Goura Purnima, I want to stay in ISKCON.

Last Sunday we four members went to Toubul the birth place of Sripada Maharaja in a function.

Yours fallen servant,

Yamunesvara Das

HpS-ASA - Many, many, dandavats to you!! We are publishing our news here as the DTCs (Diary of a Traveling Creature). You can always find our Calender listed in the current News at the Web-page - www.jayarama.us

Can you find it there. Arrival date is there and we just got ticket to leave Imphal on the day after Gaura-purnima.

Found them????

We still don't have any news of the plan for Sankirtan while we are in Manipur.