URGENT: NOI Commentary and Dallas Ratha Yatra

7 months, 1 week ago by srinath in Special Category A

Dear Guru Maharaja

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! All glories to you!

I hope you are having a pleasant trip in India. Please forgive me for not giving you an update on the book before the Kapi Dhvaja. We welcomed Nitai Navadwip Chandra last Saturday and I gave my first Srimad Bhagavatam class at the temple. We were buried with so much work to prepare for the welcoming ceremony and preparation for the class (It was SB 12.3, brume Gita), I missed sending my biweekly update. I apologize again for not sending the update on time.

HpS - ASA --- It is O.K.!! Just a few words are enough. Once a month is fine.!

The transcription for Preface is done and the transcription for Text 1 is almost complete. I am planning to get it done in the next few weeks so that Radhika Ramana Prabhu can start working on editing those files during his spring break on the second week of March. Our target is to get the preface edited and start editing Text 1 by the end of spring break.

Guru Maharaja, it would be wonderful if you can give us your association in Dallas for the Ratha yatra. It is on 30th March. Since you come back from India only on the 27th, we would suggest traveling to Dallas on 29th so that you can get at least a day's rest in Houston. We propose the following schedule.

29-March-2019 - Travel to Dallas

30-March-2019 - Ratha yatra

31-March-2019 - Srimad Bhagavatam Class in the Morning and/or Sunday Feast Class in the evening

1-April-2019 - Travel to Houston

We can either drive you to/from Dallas or book flight tickets.

I meet Mishra Bhagavan Prabhu every day during the mangala arthi in the temple (It has been a month since we moved close to the temple) and today, he was fondly remembering his association with you in Berkley. He wanted to write to you and asked for your email. I gave him [email protected] Is that an appropriate email to give Maharaja? The temple president Nityananda Prabhu also wanted your email to invite you for the ratha yatra.

HpS - That address would be good for VIPs like Temple President but in general the Blog is always the best way to reach us!!!

Your servant

Srinatha Krsna dasa

HpS - Let us see who is coming from Houston. Maybe we can travel easily with Hari lila Das or others. In Pune now with the Mnistry of Education. Nine hours of lectures and work yesterday!!