Urgent: Two videos about chilean and smaller version of "EL Arte y Lo Sagrado" are ready

Hare Krishna Gurudev, 

Like it happened me before once, I just delete my long post here, this time clicking Delete all the tabs to the right, but this time I took it much more better. I don't know if Im just in a better mood or really the krodha in the heart is diminishing. So, anyway, I'm going again, still with the Urgent tag but now much shorter and precise.

Video: Trailer EL Arte y Lo Sagrado 2018 - Santiago, Chile

https://youtu.be/6ethHYLATU0 (1:08 min)

Original archive: 292.3 MB. Download linke here:


Just in case you need to show in larger screens. 

Video: EL Arte y Lo Sagrado 2018 - Santiago, Chile

https://youtu.be/5UFP9nL7TKk (9:36 min) With English subtitles encrusted, translated by Srutipriya d.d, the profesional translator devotee and who translate a few of your lectures here.

Original archive: 2.65 GB. Download link here:


The letter is urgent because you mention the video in the last Kapi Dhvaja and due you are in India, it would be useful if some people could see the summary of the event there.


Certainly, if we want more videos and better, besides invest more, we should give the guidances to the video maker/editor before the event and with more detail.

ASA - Super, Super, Super. You can see we are pushing Education and the Sacred in San Marcos in Peru. Plan to go to Peru and Argentina in June July.


We are happy, Carolina is happy with Rasarani, and all the doctors say that she is very strong and is growing up very fast. Our interest in going deeper in our understanding of the Krsna Consciousness is increasing. This is very interesting sensation. We are eager to know more and more about Krsna and just that, is a source of joy. Sometimes we feel that we advancing a little faster than before. This feeling is a Maya trap also?

ASA - No.

Finally, I can't say goodbye, without saying to you that Your association is one the wonderful things in the year, every year. We had the crazy idea to go with you to India this time, and try to contact Radhanath Swami at Mumbai this year with Carolina and Rasarani. We recover our sanity after a while.

Please accept my attempt of humble obeisances. 

Your servant, Jagad Guru Das.

Hare Krishna.

HpS - !!!! Hope the Kapi dhvaja has enough news for you. You efforts and communication are wonderful: Rodrigo, Arjuna, Carlos, ladies!!! Everyone in Chile is such great devotees. Parasurama, Vsvanatha, Amara, Machiavelli . . . . . . . . . Become self realized, build your character and preach.