Hare Krsna Maharaj

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HpS - Thank you for the letter. We could not read it because we have been traveling. Please summarize and send us another letter!!!

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Please accept my humble obeisances!

I haven't written to you in a long time..

HpS - We are slow to answer this letter! AGTSP.

Sorry Maharaj. We just came back from India around 3 days ago. All of us got sick within the one week that we were there. I myself am still recovering a little bit. Pity that we got sick there so we couldn't enjoy as much. We were in Vrndavan for 3 days and before that in Ludhiana, Punjab. All of papa's relatives wanted to meet us.

HpS - Yes, people were talking about your visit.

Vrndavan is always nice. Even in 3 days, you can fall in love. I would love to spend more time there but we always have these short trips. Perhaps in the future I may go myself or with some friends and stay in India longer, do some tapasya.

In Azerbaijan, the temple is also very nice. The devotees are very welcoming and everyone is so ecstatic. The mood is quite different there. I can see. Here in Brisbane, the devotees seem dull in comparison. I mean everyone meditates differently so I can't really speak on behalf of anyone but when I saw basically the entire temple jumping up and down during Arati in Azerbaijan, I thought there is something different here. Kirtan should be most jubilant experience, no? Why just stand when you can dance? It really is so nice when you see other devotees dancing in ecstacy.

My mother's family is beyond loving. They're so sweet and kind. We had quite a nice time in Azerbaijan. We spent 3 weeks there. We even drove up to some mountains where it was snowing because all of us kids had a burning desire to see snow. It was soo fun.

Anyways, I hope your birthday/ Vyasapuja was spent nicely with LOTS of Prasadam and wonderful Kirtan. One day, we would all like to attend personally. Hopefully your health is in best condition, Maharaj. We are waiting for your visit to Australia again, please. It will be so nice. We need some awesomeness :) That has been lacking lately!

I am now high school free. Well I have been for more than 2 months now. But it doesn't end there :( I am forced to go to uni and study more. yay. Uni will start in less than a month and my course will go for 3 years - Business. I actually got accepted into a double degree with Business and Arts. But now, I really don't see the point. In fact, I don't even see the point in studying business because it all seems to be basic knowledge and common sense. But, I have to study something at least and Business seems an easy route. I hope that I can achieve something fruitful with this. And somehow dovetail it to Krsna Consciousness... I really need to get my sadhana in check. Right now, I am chanting 12 rounds a day. I'm not sure about the quality but I'm trying to improve. And the timing.... Definitely not in the early morning XD. I need to start rising early. Soon hopefully I'll be chanting 16 rounds Maharaj. Please bless this fool and give her some intelligence so that she may know what is good for her actually.

As usual Maharaj, I have some questions ;)

  1. What happens to the animals that pass in Vrndavan? Are they reborn or do they go to the higher planets?
  2. Also, the Brijbasis? Do they go to the same Goloka Vrndavan that ISKCON devotees go to? Becuase their love for Radharani and the Holy Dham is unmatched. Perhaps even greater than some of us, due to their simplicity and generosity.

I had so many questions in mind but that is all I can remember at present XD. Sorry for the trouble. I know I can be very annoying at times (if not always lol).

I wish your health and well-being is in the best condition always. Hopefully your stay in India is pleasant and uplifting :) GAURANGA!

Please accept my most humble obeisances.

Your most fallen servant,