Dandavats from Mar del Plata

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All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Please accept my must humble obeisances at your lotus feet

Hare Krishna Gurudev

This year has been very intense in my spiritual life and very special because I had the opportunity to personally serve you . It was also very good because my health was a little settled and I managed to offer more service, better sadhana, better rounds and much more reading than in other years.

My base is here in Sri Govardhana MdP and we are doing full time book distribution in the city of Mdp also organizing and promoting the congregational programs based on the Maha Sankirtan where the whole congregation distributes books, cookies and Maha Mantra. "Every day I feel more nectar in doing it and when I do it I feel like I want to do it forever."

I was also traveling through Argentina a bit in Sankirtan traveler, in February of this year I go to Mendoza to do some service by attending with Prabhu Aravinda and Baladeva das in the coordination of sankirtan of the Bhaktas and of facilitator for the Study of Sri Isopanisads, etc.

We are also going to travel in March and April through Chile, I am going to take a few weeks of rest and I plan to organize something with the temple of Santiago for a month or two, for there some courses or training of bhaktas, we are seeing that Krishna wants, humbly accepted Any suggestions you have.

Ufffff every day I'm feeling a little older and that death is approaching and I do not want to waste a single moment to serve in SP mission, also every day a little more detached from the gross enjoyment, family, friends, etc.

Please give me your blessings to become a devotee, control my senses and be able to surrender completely to the Sankirtan movement of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

your insignificant servant

Panca tattva das

HpS - Thank you for your service. Thanks to Sri Krsna and Srila Prabhupada for helping us, using us!!! Thank you for your association in Chile! I think that as you do service you will have very great knowledge about how to improve it. I hope that we can send some information from our learning, Sankirtan, to help you in your service. Let us stay in touch in this Blog and meet later in the year in South America or maybe some other place.