Personal Sadhana and Mandir Report of THOUBAL

1 year, 7 months ago by Yamuneswar Das in Personal Sadhana Reports

All Glories to Guru Parampara, A C Prabhupada, Sripada Maharaja and Guruji Maharaja.

Radha Krishna Ki Jay, Groranga Mahaprabhu Ki Jay and Goura Bhakta Bringda Ki Jay.

Please accept my humble obeisance s unto Guruji Maraja,'s padamachran that I had transfer Guruji's new dates 12-22. We will follow Guruji's suggestions and eagerly waiting Guruji's arrival.

ASA - Jaya! Jaya! Sri Caitanya, Jaya Nityananda! Arrive 12.50PM on Indigo from Kolkata. After 22nd, Gaura-purnima I don't know what we do eg. Stay Imphal, goto Kolkata, Delhi, Bombay. LEave inDIA On thE 27Th.

My daughter's merriage ceremonies will be celebrated on 13th March, 2019. I am ready to welcome both H H Guruji Maharaja and H H Bhakti Ananda Haridasa Goswami Maharaja on the ceremony. It will be our golden opportunity to receive both of You in my new ashram on the ocasion.

HpS - Sounds very interesting. The Marriage of Svayambhuva Manu and and Satarupa! Krsna. Krsna. You have BBT Caitanya caritamrta? Of course it is available at Find friends to read it with. Get other people to read it. Time to pack to go to NGD house. 5.45PM. We published the Viplavah, our ISKCON Education JOurnal today. Look for the people Krsna sends you to teach.

Yours fallen servant,

Yamunesvara Das