Sastric Studies, nice books

Hare Krishna Beloved Gurudev,

Please accept my humble obeisances,

All glories to Srila Prabhupada,

We are studying Bhakti Sastri with a few devotees from argentina, we gather online on sunday morning. Very nice disscusions. We use your study guides, generously ceded By HG Laksman Agraja Prabhu.

Also we are organizing lectures at Sri Govardhan. Now we are reading third canto, chapter 5, Vidura´s talks with Maitreya during the week, and on Sunday CC, we are on Adi, chapter 2. On January we want to start on saturday mornings a Pada Padma study using your study guides.

We want to take seriously the study of SP books.

I saw pictures of your book Twirl your beads, we will try to get it from Abhiram Thakur Prabhu (if Prabhuji reads this letter i bow down to his feet for such a great service he has done and is doing to push this Art and the Sacred program, hope we can gather a team to present this program in Argentina also). Congratulations to Srinath Krishna and Radhika Raman Prabhus for editing this nice book.

I have the idea of one day publish as a book your DTCs, they are so so great, a combination of wisdom and art, is like your japa drawing!! Do you think is a good idea?

HpS - I don't know???? Of course, always illuminating Srila Prabhupada's books and the Kirtan he recommends.

If we read then BG 10.8-11 we will get intelligence how to move ahead. Each step is eternal!!

So much things we can do, but better to chant good rounds!!

So much wisdom, and adventures pouring down from the Parampara!!

Thank you so much Gurudeva!!

At your Lotus feet,

Your silly student,

Nikunja Bihari das.

HpS - ASA ---- H A R E KRSNA!!!!!!!!!