Our role In the Sankirtan Movement

Hare Krishna Beloved Gurudev,

Please accept my humble obeisances,

All glories to Srila Prabhupada,

We had an intense month, we received at Sri Govardhan from october 29th to december 5th, HH Mahavisnu Swami with Harinam Ruci, HH Bhakti Gauravani Goswami, HG Srila Virabahu Prabhu and HH Dhanvantari Maharaja. So living here is much much better than living in Disneyland, but more challenging also!! Everybody appreciated our project so much!! Benedictions!!

Mahajana Prabhu moved to Spain with his family and left us and other devotee, Ekachakra Prabhu, the responsibility to lead the Yatra, with its two projects, EL Loft in the city and Sri Govardhan, our rural community. And also the National Board was renewed and Nanda Raj Prabhu and myself were selected to be part of it.

ASA - Jaya! We are little ants, but Krsna can give us STRENGTH.

We take this service seriously and with a little fear. Knowing that it could be dangerous for our spiritual life.

We had like six hours of meetings with HG Virabahu Prabhu. Very enlightening!! He told us his whole story as a GBC.

I remember when you quote SP " If you follow 4 principles and chant 16 good rounds, administration will be at the tip of your finger" Also i read Prithu Maharaja´s story in 4th canto of SB.

Besides we presented a project at the university to link food for life with med school. A very nice opportunity to preach. With Julieta my wife, we cooked for 30 professors at a meeting. Everybody appreciated the glories of Prasadam.

HpS - Hospital food was the worst I ever experienced in the world!! Save the doctors!

And then we preach to our patients, we distribute like 10 books per month.

So this is what is more natural to us.

Any advice?

HpS - Let us read the last letter.

Thank you Dear Gurudeva!!

at your lotus feet,

Nikunja Bihari das.