Srila Prabhupada Sankirtana Marathon

Hare Krishna Gurudeva! Please accept my humble obeisances at your lotus feet!!

ASA - :Lettuce Feet: AGTSP!!!

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!!!

Gurudeva, I want to tell you that this year I am participating in the December book distribution marathon here in Lima. Before it starts I was doubtful to participate because of my health condition, but internally I always have had a litlle, little, little desire to distribute Srila Prabhupada's books again, so I decided to go to Wilson Temple to buy books, this was on the first day of the marathon (Nov. 30). After getting the books, I was thinking it was late to get on the buses to distribute so I had an idea: to go to visit my aunt at her job so she could buy from me some books (my aunt works for the government in a building four blocks from Wilson temple), I got at her job and asked her to sell some books to his co-workers and she agreed, I gave her a few books and she told me: give me more! give me more books! so I gave her 24 small books, and she told me confidently: "I am going to sell all the books", and she did it ! She distributed 24 books in a matter of minutes!

ASA - My, God!!!

Actually she is the boss her office and also has a good relationship with her co-workers 😃

. I became very happy and amazed how the mercy of Gaura Nitai can be given in so many unthinkable ways. 😃

This event gave me more enthusiasm and confidence to go out and distribute books, I felt that Goura Nitai want me to go out on sankirtana and they were encouraging me in this way.

Gurudeva, now I am trying to distribute books on buses, because in this way I feel more confidence and confortable (more in terms of my mind), I already have some experience doing buses here in Lima and also feel this Sankirtana modality fits my nature: get in and get off the buses, get in - get off, walk, I feel that I am also working with my body like a sudra, I like to be in movement because I am a sudra and have this passion. Of course, I do not have so much energy, so I am doing sankirtana for two or three hours per day.

ASA - !!!

For the time being I am going out "alone", I have not found a sankirtana partner you recommended me.

ASA - Pray you get one, two, many, soon. Develop more and more ways to distribute books. Make book distributors.

Gurudeva, very honestly...I do not have much determination, not much sincerity to do this service, so please help me! to do something useful, please, give me your blessings to be able to continue going out on sankirtana, I have a "little" desire, but sometimes it seems that is not enough.

Thank you so much for your causeless mercy upon me !!!!!!

and please...forgive my offenses!!!

Your foolish disciple :

Mitravinda d.d

HpS - Read the books. Read one sentence from the KRSNA book. Translate a chapter by and print it. Read it. Swim in it. The magic will not be done by you, nor me, nor any living being. The magic will be done by Krsna, when we become pure devotees of Krsna. It is not important the size of the dog in the fight. It is important the size of the fight in the dog. Get your rascal family, Oscar Natars, Anna to help, give ideas. Sell purports. Sell ideas.