Confirmation of N E India (Manipur) visit

1 year, 8 months ago by Yamuneswar Das in Calendar Development

All glories to Guru parampara A.C. Prabhupada, Sripada Maharaja and H H HpS Maharaja

Radha Krsna Ki Jay,Gouranga Maharabhu Ki Jay and Goura Bhakta Vrinda Ki Jay.

Dandavat Pranam Guru Maharaja,

I have seen Guruji's latest letter to Sarada Gourangi D D and telephonic talk with H H Bhakti Ananda Haridasa Goswami Maharaja and Sarada about the dates of Guru Maharaja's N.E. Visit. As Guruji Maharaja suggested new dates 11-21 March, 2019 is confirmed.

HpS - ASA -- So very nice to hear from you!!! Whenever we think of Manipur we are sad!! You are so fortunate to be there. Little change. Looks like 12th to 22nd now confirmed. We should plan very nice programs together!! Make a movie! Have five good translators.

All the Prabhus and Matajis of other states who were initiated are coming Imphal. For them, Haridasa Goswami is taking the responsibilities. Last time we have decided to arrange a programme in Manipur University Campus but as I had already informed You about the Manipur University crisis for three months. Now University is just running for name sake by Manipur High Court order. So this time also, for any programme it is not possible.

HpS - O.K. Let us take over the work of the University! Arrange good education for those who want it.

We are praying Sri Krsna for Guruji Maharaja's health and successful programme.

Now, Manipur is started winter, and I am continuing Mangal Arrati in my home and following the four rules and regular reading successfully with the asirbad of Guruji Maharaja. We are so happy to know that Guruji Maharaja will stay in Manipur at least 10 days. It is a big boon for us. But for me, I would not be able to serve and accompany with Guruji all the days due to my daughters marriage ceremony.

HpS - What days are those. Why not we all go!! Marriage of Krsna and Rukmini.

For Guruji's tickets, Haridasa Maharaja suggested to collect after Guruji arrived at Mayapur in the month of Jan. 2019.

Yours fallen servant,

Yamunesvara Das

Yours fallen servant,

Yamunesvara Das

HpS - What is Vaisnava calendar for one year for Manipur? What are the festivals? Who are leaders of our Yatra in Manipur?