Kirtida Devi Dasi from Buenos Aires

Dear Guru Maharaja:

All the glories to Sri Sri Radha Krishna

All the glories to Srila Prabhupada

All glories to you

Please accept my humble obeisances

I sent this letter in August, I think it got lost, so I´m resending it.


I have two new services, both about preaching, one is on Sunday Feast, when we finish the kirtan we seat with the visitors to take prasadam and speak about our filosophy, but the main point is to know them, that they feel appreciated, make friends. The experience that I am getting is so nice, I'm so happy that I can do this. People share with me their experience of spiritual seeking, thoughts and feellings, they make really good questions, they want to know more about Krsna. It´s really inspiring.

The other service, we are making a proyect for young devotees, we want inspire them, and accompany them in their spiritual process. At first it could be a meeting a month with kirtan, class and prasadam, we dont have a name for the program, any suggestion?

ASA - Spring, Primaver, Goloka.

A devotee told us that we can contact with devotees who made this kind of program before for advice, and it is essential make it fun always. Any commentary, suggestion or advice will be great!

ASA - Hmmm. Not directly.

I am living in the temple since 8 months ago, it have being so purifying, i feel my chant deeper, my love for the devotees is bigger, and i feel more attach to Sri Sri Gaura Nitai. The first time that I came to the temple i didn´t pay attention to the deities at all, with the time I noticed that the devotees went in front of the altar and stay long time, I didn´t get it, what so much time? Then I noticed that they were praying. I didn´t know how to do that and I didn´t understand that Lord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda were there themselfs. One day I realize that and it was like: wooow the Lord is in front of me!

Now, I can see them every day, I usually pray for being better to make a better service, because I know that my anarthas are obstaculizing my service, I tell them that I want a entire life of service, the news about my life, I know that they already know but it is so nice doing it. The other day I asked about help with bhakti sastri, because sometimes I am lasy to do the homework, and I´m not so smart, but definitly I want to do it. I feel it like everyday relationship. Sometimes I miss and think about them.

I have a new cellphone, so I can connect to gotomeeting for the class, and I´m reading SB every day, I´m trying to adjust to the better way.

That´s all for now, what can I do for Srila Prabhupada and you?


Now it´s october and we have been doing the program for the young people, they asked about to do it twice a month, it is so nice, i like when i see them so happilly hearing about Krsna, the first program was a little bit caotic, because we didn´t know how to work in group, we were five devotees organizing, and now we are three, it´s more practical for the meetings and leading the program. I´m learning how to do it, how to do a presentation, a class, fun actities.

I´m preaching on wednesday too, after the kirtan. I invite people to the youth program after the kirtan, on friday´s harinama, and sunday feast. I send invitation through whatsapp, facebook and by email.

We made a list of the topics we want to talk about, the first ones were Soul, and Prakriti.

Once I told you that I want to distribute books, but i´m afraid of. i went to harinama and i asked a devotee to show me how to do it, so did it, it was really beatifull, i really want to know how to do it, so i´m seeing videos about sankirtan, and asking other devotees how to do it. One of them told me that for book distribution is main thing having a strong sadhana.

Mahavishnu Swami Maharaja is coming and we are going to rent a bus to go to harinama, distribute prasadam and books, i´m so exciting!

I try to conect to gotomeeting everyday while i´m at work, my boss let me use earphones but i have to work, sew, answer the phone, receive people. It is so nice when i can hear you clarily, so inspiring, my godbrothers too, fantastic! You know so much, i don´t know anything but i´m learning from you.

My health is going bad, it makes me feel so sad sometimes, once i prayed to deities to get better, and i thought that almost my prayers are about asking for help, i hope once on my life i want to give them a love prayer. 

Yours in Srila Prabhupada´s service

Kirtida Devi Dasi

Pic 1: Altar on Radhastami <3

Pic 2 and 3: Jóvenes en Conciencia de Krishna, we named the program like this

Pic 4: Bhaktin Cecilia and me with a weird tomato :)

HpS - Hare Krsna. This letter came while we were traveling in Peru and Chile! How are you now? Are you in the same material body or another or in only in your spiritual body?????

Guess we get to BsAs like April, May, June..??