can i die? is good time :)

5 years, 9 months ago by brian tellez in Sankirtana / Temple Activity Reports
<pre data-fulltext="" data-placeholder="Traducción" dir="ltr" id="tw-target-text"> <big>Dear Guru Maharaja Pamho AGTSP You are in my constant memory, I miss your personal association a lot, because whenever you go to a country I am in another and when you come to Mexico I am doing traveling sankirtan, I want to make a plan to be able to serve your lotus feet personally, I need to talk to you, are you my own life. I am strongly attached to your instruction, speak as you asked me with Guruprasad Swami Maharaja our GBC from Mexico and we have a new plan of traveler sankirtan with a motor home that He wants to help buy for the sankirtan group of mexico DF, the rounds continue at 20 min each day giving more time and priority to one day follow their steps and sing enthusiastically, your instruction to distribute 500 books in a famous bookstore costs me work because the BBT is not registered in the Chamber of Commerce and does not pay taxes , I have no idea what to do but I want to fulfill your mission please send me your blessings, now on October 10 we have a tour of harinama sankirtan for south america with Harinama ruci grup starting in Brazil, then peru, chile, argentina. uruguay and back to mexico for the November and December marathon of Srila Prabhupada in Mexico City, every day I go to sankirtan (book distribution), it inspires me a lot. Tattvavit Gaura das, from Peru now in Mexico, never stops going to sankirtan. I'm trying to keep writing to you once a month because I do not have a cell phone or a computer, (so I'm happy), please do not forget about me  You are my only reason to exist, please bless me to die now or bless me to help you carry the MIsion that your beloved spiritual master left you. his eternal donkey servant <img alt="blush" height="23" src="" title="blush" width="23" /> Vrajendra Kumara Das Mexico DF</big></pre>

<big>HpS .. Jaya.   AGTSP.</big>

<big>Paoho.  This letter is coming in a strange format. We are running, running, running with our Sankirtan with the National Library in Peru. I want to take you to Srila Prabhupada and sit there while he instructs you.</big>

<big>Your news is great, inspiration for all of us.</big>

<big>What books have you got for Sankirtan?</big>

<big>Is there place to park a motor home in Mexico?</big>

<big>Our best wishes to Tattva-vita-gaura Das. He has had some very tough problems controling his mind in the past. We hope that it is getting better, better, better...</big>

<big>Now prepare for BG on line.</big>