Report visit of Baladeva Prabhu in Peru (August)- Urgent

1 year, 4 months ago by Isvari devi dasi in Sankirtana / Temple Activity Reports

Hare Krsna Dear Maharaja,


ALL glories to service of Sankirtana!

I hope that Krsna will allow us to learn more from you.

Briefly inform you that Baladeva p was in Lima from August 1 to 15. During his visit he carried out the following activities:

-He gave the TTC2 course from August 2 to 8. Passed the course: Gandharva d, Jiva sakti d, Abhinanda d, Laskmana Agraja d, Rupagosay d, Isvari dd, Yugala Kisora dd. The course was  given at the Wilson temple. Authorities gave facilities for Baladeva's stay there.

HpS - Jaya!

_ He also visited Cuzco and gave classes of SBG and BG and Communications and Marriage workshops on Krsna Consciousness.

_ Handled a case of conflict resolution in Wilson

We learned a lot from Baladeva prabhu, especially the example of how to be a good facilitator, be appreciative, work as a team and look for the common good at all times. The motto that always accompanies it is: Work together despite the differences.

We are very pleased with your visit and we are realizing the importance of good association and deep appreciation for Srila Prabhupada.

I appreciate your mercy Maharaja, nothing would have been possible without the strength and inspiration that you give us. Every day you strive to become us conscious of Krsna and this example is the engine that drives me to improve.

Sri Nrsimhadeva protect you

with respect and much appreciation

ys and spiritual niece

Isvari dd

HpS - Thank you!  We are in complete panic with accounting for NIOS, getting our car back from mechanic, big local Sankirtan, MOE, packing to travel to Peru.