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Dear Gurudeva, first of all, you want to develop some fiery feasts and that the Mercy of Sri Krishna and your Gurumaharaja His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabbupada, always be poured out on you. I also want to thank UD and Srila Prabhupada for allowing me to continue and be part of this great ISKCON, and try to contribute something, even if it is insifignificant, we realize that we need to do something more, but of course, you have to improve first, we only ask for intelligence to to do it, and our promise to you and Srila Prabhupada is to improve each day more so we can serve you in the best way. All glories to Srila Prabhupada !!!!!!

HpS-ASA - Hare Krishna!

For being away, it is very difficult to do a service for the Temple in Cusco, but whenever I can I go to the programs, the last time I was in the Temple, I felt the annoyance of some devotees. LAD, once told me they see me as disinfected by the TEMPLE, but hey, I know they see the glass half empty, or they see my reality, but surely they must be right, nobody has ever asked me how I am, if I am Well, once I wrote to P. Gourarupa, comment on my activities, keep him informed, but hey, sometimes you also have to know how to give to receive.

I wanted to give the class for the Balarama Festival, it was Saturday, and I made arrangements to be there. It could not, the service is not cheap, I know. They had already organized, the party was held the following Sunday, the class was given by P. Astavarga. Those days I was very bad for a strong flu (change of climate), that Sunday I went to the hospital to give me some remedy, I could return to my house, but I wanted to be in the Temple, and so I went wrong, we believe that was Our desire, and by the mercy of Sri Balarama, can participate in the kirtan, although I did not stay long, I saw how beautiful the party was. I saw P. Amalakaruna and P. Jagaisvara, I could only greet them with joy, I saw them very well, also the family of Jagaisvara was there, how beautiful it is to see all the devotees gathered.

We could not participate in the Sri Janmastami and Srila Prabhupada parties on weekdays, and the work and my memte, did not let us participate. But we did fasting, we broke at midnight and at noon, glorifications in silence but with much love, we sang our rounds, our sadana, we felt that we improved little by little.

Dear Gurumaharaja, thank you very much for your time to read this letter of stupid servant, thank you very much for your mercy without cause, and although we have so many limitations and problems, we try to maintain, we try to improve our sadana, our family, although with many problems , but we know that everything will improve too. We will tell you more things in our next report. May the mercy of Sri Krishna, always be poured out on you.

Hare Krishna Dear Gurumaharaja.

Your useless servant

Govardhana dasa

HpS - ASA . Thank you for your report. Now your family. It's then will here in the Blog! ! !

nehabikramo naso sti, BG 2 about 40. You are making eternal progress. Krsna  will give you better  and better and better association. Preach.