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Hare Krishna,

Dear Gurumaharaja


Thank you very much for your merciful response, we will do what you instructed us. A few days ago I talked with Prabhu Raghuvaram das, we talked about many things and one about a subject in parricular, a Report of the National Board of Isckon Peru in which a program was canceled in a city, Huánuco, and that was not authorized . On the occasion of that report many commentaries came out of devotees in favor and found, in our opinion the Board acted well, but for some it will not always please them. The point is that there is a problem, that goes back many years even the time that I knew this Srila Prabhupada's Glorious Movement, situations that never changed and instead that helps us grow as an Institution, it makes us go back. Then, with all this, you see that there is a vacuum, a bottleneck, that does not let things flow. we come to a conclusion that there is a broken relationship between Authority and Community, there is no good communication, which causes many problems and disorganization. Then we thought, in my last one of my functions was to be the lasso between the Management and the Personnel, I listened to problems, doubts and solved them, and everything started to improve, there was an adequate work environment, the impasses resolved and everyone was calm making their service. So we keep thinking, what is needed is a Human Resources office, where there is a devotee responsible for organizing and joining this bridge between the Authority and the Community. I do not know if this is already done, but I think it can be improved. There are devotees who for some reason have moved away, temples without devotees and the few do not get along at times. It is necessary to look for that conciliation, the solution is not to move away but to change the mentality. There are many devotees who feed the ego to other devotees, many times oneself, and when they see their reality, they realize that everything is false, fallen free. Dear Gurumaharaja, we know the area, I have been part of a problem, we understood it and we feel that we have the solution to this, so please pray, allow me to be able to take care of this service, it will be gradual, we will start in Cusco later in other cities, the intention is not to cause problems to the authorities, but to support channeling these bottlenecks, everyone must speak the same language, DEVOTIONAL SERVICE. For this we want to talk with the devotees of the National Board and talk about this service, which will try to enumerate the devotees, current situation, service, temple to which you belong, etc. We do not want to be part of the board, we do not want power, fame, what we want is to serve the devotees. Dear Gurudeva, I thank you again for your merciful time, we hope you can give us your permission for this service, we have the experience, if so, we will also beg for your blessings. May the mercy of Sri Krishna always be poured out on you.

Your foolish sinviente

Govardhana das

HpS - ASA - You see the letter from Laksmana agra ja Das? It is really strange, divine, that you both are talking about the same situation, but independently.

I was in a similar situation once, even now we remember, twice. I was feeling frustrated with my administrative authorities, associates, and my GBC Secretary , Sesa Das, said, "They are people, Hp Swami!"    "Hummmf!" thought I.  I had forgotten that. They are just as sincere as am I but in a different service with different personal resources.   The more cruel they are the more it means they are suffering and need our mercy. Cruel husbands, wives, mothers, presidents, followers.

Chant Hare Krsna and you will get intelligence.

I think if you can talk with a few local presidents etc and work with them as consultants that will help. Of course, we can always talk personally to anyon. You can call yourself an ISKCON Human Resource Officer, no? That is on the order of Lord Caitanya, no?