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Waiting for you to be in good health. Although away from the Temple of Cusco and family estra, not a single moment stop thinking about UD and Srila Prabhupada, this distance is somehow making me mature, but not create, as well as to summarize my life, many good and bad things happened, the good is for His infinite mercy without cause and the bad, because I deserve it, although they are more bad than good, it helps me a lot the little service I did in the Temple to let me keep it alive Thank you very much Dear Gurudeva.

The family is fine, my wife, Nandini and Nilacandra Vrisabhanu (thank you very much for choosing those beautiful names for my children in my care) were put in Cusco happy to see him last time, although it was for a short time. Vrisabahani (short name that I put to my daughter) every time I show him devotional photos, he touches them and takes them to his head, it is very comforting to see those details. I do not go to the Temple very often, the last time was like a month, I took books to Puerto Maldonado to distribute them, it was regular, most of us gave to friends, there is much to do, a lot of fruitive work is confusing us. The Rounds and the Sahana are improving, it is beautiful to sing rounds observing the moon some palm trees that can be seen from my room.

I told him that we were putting together a program to be able to serve him better, we think we have to do something, we are 41 years old, and we are in free fall ..., what we came up with is, that people are already trying to have changes in their life, veganism, yoga, spirituality, but without thinking about religion ... there are four types of people who approach the movement and they are more absorbed in social networks, so we thought, what would happen if we put together the one, ok , there was born Clinic for the Soul, is copyrighted, it is to invite people to travez social networking to have a change in their lives, a way of life based on the teachings of Srila Prabhupadha, Kiiii. Jayyyy !!!!!!, Prabhupada uvaca SIMPLE THOUGHT LIFE ELEVATED this through topics or talks involving people and to find a solution to their problems that are around health, money and love. It is an adventure that will have many responsibilities, I even spoke with a psychologist friend and is somewhat interested. We will start first on Facebook and thus cover other networks, youtube etc. Bottom line is to help people have a better life habit hooking slowly to the consiencia of Sri Krishna, it seems easy but we see that is going to involve a lot with time, we are preparing for it, studying, surfing the internet, courses Couching, there is a lot to do. We are putting together the structure to be able to deliver it, explaining it here is too much. We will try to be your instrument in the service of Srila Prabhupaha. It's the little we can do for you. and we know that we are against in time. It will be an Honor to die through it. Dear Gurudeva.

HpS - Thank you. Hare Krsna!  Help the Temple in Cusco as much as you can!    Start your preaching program simply. See who joins and then expand it by engaging them according to their abilities and interest. Give yourself. Give your Japa!!!

Thank you. We are very inspired by your association.


HpS - Thank you for the CONFIDENTIAL remarks.   We cannot understand the situation perfectly because it involves people we don't know, situations, language problem, but in general we see these kind of problems with money, property, management going on all the time. It is with the Catholic Church, National Governments, family, etc.  Prabhupada said that we can expect it in ISKCON also. Even when KRSNA was personally present in VNRDAVANA there were demons coming causing miscarriages for the girls etc!  But if we are devotees we can see how Krsna is using these problems to accomplish his goals. Never give up the institution, just become its leader if everyone else is failing.

Maybe we see you in Arequipa or Lima en October.

Dear Gurumahara, I thank you infinitely for your time, the only thing we pray is a little bit of your blessings to be able to continue living it, to be able to honor it, we always carry it in our hearts. May Sri Nrishimhadeva always pour out his blessings on you.