4 years, 2 months ago by Nick Delffs in Personal Sadhana Reports

Dear Guru Maharaj, 

Hare Krishna, PAMHO

All glories to Srila Prabhupada! 

I have sat down with Radhika Prubhu and we have read about my name. Such a special name name. Thank you Maharaj. 

I have had the great privilege of hearing many of Radhika’s classes here in Boise and being able to associate with him regularly. 

Anadi and I have read the story of Devahūti and Kardama Muni and here are some of our thoughts:


Very important for both man and woman to be of same quality, age and character to be compatible and successful in Krishna conscious marriage.

Psychologically It’s also very important for the woman to be devote with a focused soft heart for the man.

Wife should not be competitive with the husband.

Seems like it’s important for the man to be very focused on Krsna, not that he neglects his wife and family by any means, but rather his focus on Krishna will only increase his pure devotion to Krsna and to his duty as a man in the family and will as a result guide his family to Krsna.

HpS - Yes!  Your family are all friends of Krsna.The external things will go on more less naturally if you are just fixed on going back to Krsna as soon as possible.

Grhastha life is not about sense enjoyment, but rather, about sense control. Grhastha ashram gives some freedom for sense gratification, the aim being to curb/dovetail the senses by engaging everything in Krsna’s service - making prasadam, having devotee children, giving association to others, giving opulence to Krsna, etc. 

Sense enjoyment should be regulated.

Important to not deny something which has come on its own accord (Gupta’s intervention and suggestion for both) 

We can learn from Svāyambhuva Manu how to properly engage ones household life in krishna consciousness 24/7. By always having the holy names/spiritual sound vibrating throughout the house, by conducting/partaking in morning and evening aratis, reading sastra, always remembering Krsna in everything we do, always keeping the household Krishna conscious.

HpS - !

Should not waste time not being Krishna conscious. Take every moment to remember Krishna.

Looking forward to your stay in Boise. 

Hare Krsna

Yours in loving service,

Nitisara Das

HpS - Four days and we are on the road. Two weeks in Houston, one in SFO and then Boise.

Your realization of Devahuti and Kardama muni is very nice.  I guess the flying mansion in Kali yuga would be an Airstream trailer?     "Starts" at $141,000.  Ha!   Ha!   Hare!   Well maybe you can rent a pickup with a camper back some times.   In any case follow in their footsteps. They all went back to Godhead, full service!!