sankirtan party!!

1 year, 7 months ago by brian tellez in Sankirtana / Temple Activity Reports

Dear Guru Maharaja AGTSP of Pamho it is only because of your mercy that I can have some progress in my spiritual life, please allow me to please you with my impure service.

HpS - AGTSP!   I am in the same relation to Srila Prabhupada as you describe here of your self.

Im doing harinama sankirtan every day traveling through different countries of europe visiting to lord Jagannatha Baladeva y Subadra in Ratha Yatras as the Paris, Czech Republic and Berlin.

Dialy [Daily] we distribute books and we leave from 4 to 6 hours to harinama. the rounds have increase thanks to your mercy, I usually have the opportunity to chant 40 but I am trying to keep a minimum of 20 rounds.

Dear Gurudeva, I try to improve my estate of consciousness and make my service even deeper by begging for yours and Vaisnavas mercy to liberate me from the 6 enemies, the sexual desire constantly attacks me, I externally look as a devotee but internally I am ill, i beg for your blessings to keep me fixed and be able give you a pure devotional service.

HpS - Essential to offer your lust to Deities of Radha Krsna.

Regarding the Giriraja Sila, He is taking care a family of very brahminical devotees, and I feel very happy, they send me pictures every day. please gurudeva instruct me on how I can improve the quality of my service, is it possible that I can get the shadow of your lotus feet? how ?. his disciple Vrajendra Kumara Das

HpS - When you are in Temples where there is Radha Krsna deities then you must to personal service for Them, Arati, look for nice presents for Them, flowers, oil, while you are out.

If not in such a Temple then you must take time to see pictures of Them and offer them flowers, incense, lamp, fragrant oil and food.  They need this because They are playing so enthusiastically.

Them your misguided lust for conjugal relations will diminish. Maybe you take Sannyasa soon.

Nice pictures.