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Hare Krsna Gurumaharaja
Please accept my humble obeisances
All glories to Srila Prabhupada

I apologize for not having written before. It has been a crazy year, but significant.

HpS - ASA -- Now you have the mercy of Srila Prabhupada, so you association gives life to people. We need to get it here too!

I tell you that I have not been very well in health. I have been in treatment for a couple of months to strengthen an organism that has begun to give discrete signs of wear. Some problems in my back and liver have not allowed me to carry out my activities in full, and it has been difficult for me to adapt to a less intense life. In short, I am taking good detox natural medicine and I feel, little by little, its effects, above all, in the expression of my character and the quality of my thoughts.

These problems have been one of the causes for me to stop serving as Pujari in the temple of Wilson, the other cause, it has been a strong crisis of discouragement that has forced me to think, again and again, what I am doing, which is my role as a devotee in the institution. The atmosphere of pettiness and bitterness that is lived in the temple overcame our resistance and we decided to perform our devotional service at home, in another mood, with joy and simplicity.

Eventually we associate with a couple of devotees with a tender and sincere heart and spend pleasant moments in a more confidential space. Indira Sakti and I need that. We find programs and activities and meetings with a lot of prasadam interesting, but for some time, we have leaned towards reflection, the most intimate contact with certain devotees, to whom one can reveal the mind and exchange realizations and also contradictions, without the worry of being judged.

HpS - Yes, the Institution can become to ritualistic like Text Two of NOI describes. We try to take advantage of the healthy aspects and avoid the contaminate aspects and preach to those aspects that can benefit. Even develop our own institution for Sankirtan!

This time has been good, Krsna has allowed me to take some distance from the things in which I was absolutely involved to observe and observe myself. I was tired of the mechanics of a life with little room for questioning. It was necessary.

I promise to contact you more often, Gurudeva. Honestly, your presence and influence (virtual, textual or physical) benefits me a lot, however I am a fool and I am deprived of that privilege. I hope you are well beloved Gurumaharaja.

Your fool servant

Gandharva dasa

HpS - What about your work? What are you teaching, doing, there?  Any interesting people?  As Krsna allows, become master of your machine, body!  Dance on fire until the end, music is your only firend.