Hare Krsna Maharaj

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All Glories to Srila Prabhupada! 

Please accept my humble obeisances! 

Thank you Maharaj, as usual, for your wonderful reply :) Always satisfying.

HpS - ASA --  AGTSP!

As per the India trip Maharaj, we do not have exact dates yet. I believe we will have to go during Winter though because that is the longest period of holidays that we get. In Australia, our holidays begin in late November, early December and they go for 7 weeks, so it's the best time to go on holidays. 

When we do have set dates, I will let you know Maharaj :) Can't wait for your association. Last time you came, we were busy with school, but hopefully this time, we will be able to properly associate with you!

HpS - We should know about the 18th what the dates are for the program with the Gaudiya-matha. It is  roughly the last week in November. Then we would be pretty free to travel. The only fixed program now is the Ministry of Education Symposium at the end of February and the Sannyasis, GBC, Guru one in the beginning of March.

I like this idea of a 'multi-purpose' restaurant. I was actually just thinking, if there was a restaurant and attached to it was a centre, many people can get further devotee association. If they like the food and are curious about the philosophy, they can then perhaps go on a little further and then there'll be a temple/centre where there may be deities, kirtan, devotees, etc. It can work as preaching double-time because the prasad served in the restaurant will entice the person to enter the temple... 

HpS - Also to go see the Koi fish!

Thank you for your wisdom [ASA - Is from the center in Tuczon , Arizona] in what I shall do in the future. Yet, I'm so foolish and therefore still clueless. I will pursue Business to be on the safe side, but in the meantime, I will try and do as many other things as possible and hopefully find something of value in that. 

I have some questions Maharaj: 

1. Always I am hearing that with inattentive chanting, we cannot progress. Inattentive rounds are very sinful, etc. However, I have also heard that if one even utters the Holy Name, even unwillingly, he will derive benefit. What is the conclusion? Of course, chanting in general is better than no chanting.. but if the chanting is being done will committing offences, is it better to not chant...? This is a little confusing...

ASA - It is like eating. There will always be a reaction, but if you eat properly then the reaction is better. Yes, offensive chanting is better than no chanting, but try to chant with attention, then the result is faster, cleaner. 

2. Regarding Tulsi Devi, are we allowed to cook Tulsi leaves?

HpS - No...

For example, make subji? Of course, it will be offered to the Lord, but is it disrespectful to Tulsi?

HpS - Yes. Put the plain leaves, manjaris, on the subji before the offering.

Also, what is your perspective on the making of fancy jewellery with Tulsi? For example, earrings or fancy Kanti Mala? Is that okay? Some Kanti Malas are very opulent, engraved with the words of Krsna on them.. Does that sort of contradict the concept of simplicity and detachment? 

I've seen many devotees have Tulsi earrings, so I was just wondering if that is sanctified?

HpS - I think the Tulasi in Kanti mala is O.K.   Simple seems to be better, but to dove tail material attachment to Krsna's service tastefull supplement with opulent beads seems O.K.   Ear rings we would say no. We should not use Tulasi like that. 

Thank you Maharaj :) 

Hope your health is in best condition! 


Yours servant, 


HpS - Our only health is Krsna's health. Is Yasoda's baby doing well? They we little old and had no kids and then from heaven Krsna fell!

Chant good rounds. Read little bit of Srila Prabhupada's books daily and then you can inspire your classmates with higher perspective on everything.

Respects to Bhima. Hope he win the National Computer Game Olympics!