Hare Krsna Maharaj

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All Glories to Srila Prabhupada! 

Please accept my humble obesiances! 

It's nice to hear from you Maharaj :)

When I received the email that you had edited my post, I became very happy ;) I was actually surprised. It'd been so long XD. 

We are wating for your next visit to Australia Maharaj! It was so so nice to have you here last year and we HAVE to do it again. Our yatra needs some inspiration XD. 

As for school, the same old story goes. I learn the most irrelevant things and it is so boring. I am completely fed up from this jail sentence and I want to leave already. I wish I had dropped out after year 10. But many people disocurage this. They may say that studying can be used in the service of Krsna. They do have a point, but in the end, we are not studying anything relevant, it's all just for a piece of paper. Rather, we should spend our time more wisely finding other ways we can make money in this world (to maintain ourselves and serve Krsna with). Anyway, now I have just over 5 months remaining till I'm free, free from all this havoc. I'll try my best (or to some extent of it) to get a good OP. After that I'll have some months available till I'll be having to go to Uni. Yay, more studing XD. Still I am unsure of what I want to do but I hope in time, Krsna will reveal it to me. In the meantime though, I think I'll pursue a business degree to keep my options a little broad. In that way, I can study something and always work on other 'projects' on the side. After some time, maybe I'll have enough money to then open a restaurant (as my father wished). 

Family is quite well. Everyone is just living by, sustaining themselves in this world. Acutally Maharaj, 2 weeks ago, we all ended up in an accident. I was driving, my mother was supervising me, and Nandini and Bheemsen were in the back. We got hit by another car and it pushed us toward the traffic pole. The car was completely smashed from the front. It was actually a car that a devotee friend recently gave me to use for driving. Anyway, thank you to Krsna that none of us were severly injured. I am quite shocked, considering the damage incurred to the car. Besides all of us having some minor bruising, my mother got a dislocated thumb. We're all okay now. Krsna really saved us back there. It's quite amazing. But I'm now scared of driving and I don't think I will be for a little while now XD. 

Sadly Bheema hasn't won the lottery yet XD. If he did, he's spend most of the money on games <img alt="cheeky" height="23" src="http://hps-d6.monkeywarrior.com/sites/all/libraries/ckeditor/plugins/smiley/images/tongue_smile.png" title="cheeky" width="23" />

Temple is great. It's one thing that keeps me half-sane throughout this dreadful high school. I generally attend Harinam every Friday when we have it here in Brisbane. It's so fun. It's hard to convince the others my age to come though XD. Also, we've recently started to do 2 hours of Kirtan before the program on Saturday feast. It's so nice. I'm learning some new tunes on the harmonium. 

Maharaj, I have been using my father's chanting beads since his passing. I was wondering, is that okay? One prabhu was wondering also.

HpS - AGTSP paoho.   Hmmmm?   It is probably nice that you have been using them, but you should probably put them on your altar now in a very nice box, and then buy a nice set for youself.

I have some more questions: 

How should I answer to people when they ask why I don't eat egg? Because they say that not all eggs have chickens in them, or something like that. Since the hen always lays eggs, but it doesn't have chickens inside...

ASA -  As far as we understand the whole thing is to minimze violence so we can see things clearly. Normally all the eggs are fertilized. So, we are creating violence by locking up the chickens and stealing their eggs.

Of course, we have seen that eggs are terrible food. They may be good for gorillas with fangs but not for gentle folk who want to learn to fly on magic carpets and go to interesting places.

Also, what is the actual explaination for why we don't eat onion, garlic and mushrooms? Something to with them growing from demon's blood?

ASA - Don't know the esoteric stories too well, but heard from good Ayurvedic doctor that onions and garlic stimulate your lower Chakras to produce energy, Tamasic; Red and Black pepper stimulate your middle chakras to produce energy, Rajarshidk;  and Ginger and Parsely produce heat from higher Chakras, Sattvick.

Mushrooms I think it is because they grow in nasty places, like grave yards and horse manure, if they are grown in Sattvick place they may be O.K.  Don't  know>>> We doubt offering them to Lord Nrsmha deva. He might die!

I hope your health is in good condition, Maharaj!! 

Yours servant, 

HpS - We give you 71 out of 73 possible points for this letter, report!!   It is wonderful news.

We heard that the important thing is College is to look for good, interesting professors. Take any courses you can from them and get to know them and the students and teachers around them.

You can probably fit it into some specific diploma. Go to the university to meet nice people and do Sankirtan. The money and family/community life will follow.

First is not what you know, it is who you know.

Better than a Restaurant is a Club, no?   Good food and good music!

Our respects to everyone.   Maybe we can get to Australia in December, January??

What about art?    Have you tried any water color painting?   Look for some good classes at the University.  Try a lot of stuff. You have abilities and passions you don't know about yet.

Tell Bhima he has to become an airport traffic transportation officeer.