Kirtida Devi Dasi from Buenos Aires

1 year, 3 months ago by Bhaktin Carolsita in Personal Sadhana Reports

Dear Guru Maharaja:

All the glories to Sri Sri Radha Krishna

All the glories to Srila Prabhupada

All glories to you

Please accept my humble obeisances

I still live in the temple, I keep working, I continue with my services, here I have less privacy but more association, I can attend more classes, I really enjoy going to Mangala arati, I can not get up every day because I can not stand it, it makes me very sleepy at work and then I do not feel well, I would like to have unlimited energy. There are days when everything feels very austere but the spiritual gain is much greater than any austerity. We are being happy.

HpS - Learn the word by word meaning of the Gurva-astakam, Mangala arati prayer, and then chant with meaning!

I have a question about the last letter, I'm going to copy and paste that part:

"Sometime ago I wrote you about Micaela, one of my best friends, she left the body a year and a half ago, I miss her so much, I think if she took birth in a human body she could be a baby now, sometimes when I see a baby I ask myself if she is. The other day I saw an image of Lord Gauranga with tears in his eyes, I had tears in my eyes too because I was thinking about Micaela and how much I miss her, my feelings are material?

HpS - Probably 50%, right? Do not give up the feelings, purify them. "

How do I purify my feelings? How is a pure feeling?

HpS - Example is Kapila teaching Devahuti. He tells her so much Sankhya, analyzes the bodies elements, how it passes through different changes, then he says, "Bamini", "Mommy".    You have this love for me like your baby, son. That is the best thing to think of, but always keep some Sankhya there.

So think of your friend, but remember that her body is a leather bag of intestines, lungs etc.   What is it that you miss?  Who is it that you miss? If you go on looking for the spiritual relationship that is O.K.  Perfect.  Good luck.

I try to practice tolerance, but I feel that I do it in a superficial way, because when someone does something that I dislike I get angry, I don´t say anything, I just hold my negative feelings to not transmit them, I don´t think this is good, I don´t know how can I do it in a healthy way.

HpS - NOI 3.... Communicate your feelings but for their benefit.  Give positive criticism, With some patience.  But enthusiasm, NOI 3, is more important thatn patience.  Only things close to your heart can irritate you.

I always carry books with me as you told me, Krsna is giving me the chance to give them to innocent people.

HpS - !!!!!

Krsna is really really beautiful, He leaves me breathless.

ASA - WHoop!      Whoop!        Onk!   Oink!

We hope you are getting better, we care about you, we love you.

Kirtida Devi Dasi

HpS - Our respects to everyone.  We hope the new administration is going well.  We all have to become big boys and girls and take Mommy and Daddy's position.

(Remember be friends to Dog, but worship God)!