4 years, 4 months ago by Nick Delffs in Personal Sadhana Reports

Hare Krishna, Maharaj


We are very much looking forward to your visit. I hope that my Parents can come to the initiation.

I am making my way through the disciples course and have two and a half more weeks to go. 

On Sunday I will read NOI in its entirety with a friend. I’ve skipped around reading parts here and there that you have mentioned in your classes on YouTube but have not read from cover to cover. 

I've been experiencing some purification since Lord Nrsimhadeva’s appearance (we had a wonderful play here that Aja and I were in). Many times your words have come to me: “Krishna doesn’t  give you more then you can handle” I am very far from being anywhere near on the level of Queen Kunti but I have a slowly growing desire to surrender and I hope that I can serve you and Prabhupada in some way. 

Thank you for considering me.

Your aspiring servant,


HpS - St. Nicholas, Hare Krsna, but what about the morning program: "In this Kṛṣṇa consciousness movement we require everyone to rise early in the morning, by four A.M., and attend maṅgala-ārati, or morning worship, then read Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam, perform kīrtana, and so forth." NOI-3?