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Hare Krishna Maharaja, PAMHO AGTSP

Thank you so much for your response and the buatiful pictures! 

I have been attending Mangal Aarti at the boise temple twice a week. And every morning on the way to work I(and with Aja every other week) listen to the Mangal Aarti prays sung by HG Swarupa Damodar Das and prabhupadas version as well. I am trying to commit the prayers to memory and also understand the meaning of the words. 

Lately I’ve been very inspired by Prabhupada’s Lilamrta.

I’ve started a new job at Micron as an industrial carpenter. It’s the first steady job that I’ve had in a long time and I am learning to appreciate the strict schedule. The consistency is proving to be helpful in many ways but it all depends on how early I get up and if I chant at least eight rounds before I go to work. What helps tremendously is if I take simple and light prasadam early in the evening. This makes all the difference. You told me this once and I’ve known it to be true but now I am really putting it to the test. 

I am still playing music. Not traveling very much. Focusing on piano. I’m finally realizing that the bar atmospher is not condusive to spirtitual life. So I get in and out as fast as I can. 

I have been receiving SB verses from a friend and we discuss via text but it is not enough. I will try to make reading SB apart of my morning program. I would very much like to meet this requirement. 

I will be checking in more frequently. Thank you Maharaj. I am very grateful to have instructions from you and thankful to have this ,platform to receive. 

Hare Krishna, Hari Bol


HPS - This seems like an edited version of the last two letters.
You seem to be doing very, very well!   What I have understood from Prabhhupada is that without keeping this full morning program, mangala arati, KIRTAN, SB, then it is impossible to chant really enthusiastic rounds, and eventually we get frustrated and leave.

So, when doe sthe sun rise. in Boise. We have to be up 1-1/2 hours before Sunrise and chanting HK/HR. Then daily SB reading, class, then we will be hot-class servants of God even in Micron.

Thank you for your association.