Jagad Guru Das - Starting the 2018

All Glories to Sri Sri Gaura Nitai

All Glores to Srila Prabhupada

All Glories unto you guru maharaja Hanumatpresaka Swami Maharaj.


The things are alright. Actually, since I decided to marry formally the things -is general- is going alright. The mind is alright, trying find the right time to everything, a big challenge. I read in English almost everyday, there are some money, good health, service to the department of communications of our yatra. Sometimes, i use my mind to understand Krsna, and why he is so beautiful and funny.

My fear is that sometimes, when everything is alright, something bad could happen after a while also. My conclusion is stay ready to everything, always. We are in a risky position in this world. Status Quo, and the confort zone could break.

HpS - ASA -- If we are chanting 16-nice rounds, following four principles strictly, then even the bad things are arrangment of Krsna for a good result. Learn how to use them. Stay alive in KC in every moment, 'tat te nukampam susamikshamano, bunjana evatma krtam vikampam/hrd vag vapurbir vidadhan namaste ...." trying to remember.

Program to Ladies

My wife, Carolina, have organized a program called “Devotas Urbanas” 5-6 meetings already. The ladies devotees are very happy with it. 11 devotees in average, since 25 to 45 years old, but mostly young until now. The dynamics is simple. Some short video (Ted Talks, video for Social Media, etc), Reading from Srimad Bhagavatam, discussion, prasādam. Now, including kirtana.

They suggest a topic to the next meeting to talk the next time, so a week ago, we started to think what is the best sloka+purport for that. The idea is to select strong purports, a little polemic, controversial… For instance, the last meeting was a text from 9th Canto; Urvasi is trying to convince to the King Pururava about the dangerous of the foxlike nature of the woman. The female fox in Chilean Spanish language is particularly rude. But my wife insisted in to read that. The result: The discussion in the program are very inspiring, interesting, and yes, controversial. The topics in general are energy of woman, what to do with that, female-male relationship, etc.

My wife cook everything with affection to them, she really want help the female devotees who don’t have too much space to ask more personal questions and share inner feelings about their process. When the first woman comes I should to go out of the house, because is a really devotional sorority. No man is allowed :D.

HpS - Burn your ears.

Is interesting because my idea is that the devotees should put the critical thinking in action. Understand more deeply what Prabhupada is saying and why. And this programs is working very well in that direction.

Asa - LoB - 14

Viplavah – Bilingual Spanish and Portugese edition

Prabhu Param Padam showed interested in the magazine and Dhanvantari Swami told me that he feel very honored to be invited to participate. He will arrive to Brasil from India, February 18th, so he asked me to talk more about it with him then. So, I’m thinking that the first issue of the magazine can’t arrive to the GBC Meeting in Brasil, at least in both languages would be complicated.

HpS - Only Spanish. Work with Abhiram Th. Das, Mathuresa, get something simple and then fix the Participation, Date and Content for the following issue. One page would be enough.  Who, When, Where, What.

In general I’m lazy person but more slow than lazy, unfocused. So, I need a new dates. We will discuss with the latin American devotees and will tell you.


Two years ago, Carolina took formal shelter from Radhanath Swami, at 2016 in Italy. And she decided wait how long is necessary to take initiation from him, it doesn’t matter how long she should wait. Im happy for her.

We will be parents of someone. We don’t know if is HE or SHE yet. But everyone said that is a lady. Krsna already know. I’m reading a very very interesting book called Krishna Krida by Bharat Chandra das. A very well researched book about the Krishna Conscious games which are very adequate to sons and daughters of devotees. First part is about the bad effect of the screens in the children and teenagers, with scientific support. Very nice.


Like now I’m surrounding for entrepreneurs, and like “we converted ourselves in the average of the 5 people with whose spend more time” So I converted in one entrepreneur also. They are very inspiring people, enthusiastic and resilient. The effort for their projects and hard work for them is very respectable and example to the devotees for . If is possible I could talk you more here in the continent. By the way, despite the Brasil travel is canceling from my part, still I really like to visit you in some of the countries.

ASA - Peru, Abhiram Das Anandamaya, Jiva-shakti, Laksmana, N. Kishori,  Cmdd.....  are organizing retreat the weekend of 16-18 March in Chosica. Renting in beautiful guest house. If you can come then it will be great. All that week before will be work with the press and universities.

New Projects

I have like different devotional projects in mind, short term, medium term and even long. But I’m unfocused. I would like a advice regarding this, How you decide to select a particular project to continue with it and postpone or even reject others?

ASA - http://www.vedabase.com/en/sb/10/9/5  !

P.D: Remember my lady boss, who attend your last public conference in Library here? OK. She quit, and Is in India now, alone, for three weeks. Unfortunately, I couldn’t arrange something to her, to visit the holy dham.  The new CEO has a very tough personality, mainly, business and money oriented and with a very low soft skills. So, I don’t know if a I will have too much possibilities to travel like the last years.

Thank you much for your time like always.

Hare Krsna.

Your aspirant to servant, Jagad Guru DAS.

HpS - How is you Big Brother????

Respects to the Carolina et al.