Trying to avoid anxiety (little urgent)

1 year, 11 months ago by Isvari devi dasi in Calendar Development

Hare Krsna Dear Maharaja,


Despite all the health problems, I hope your energy continues to flow and his meditation on Krsna is on the rise.

HpS - AGTSP!!!    paoho.   Health is good.  We had to fight this flu epidemic but did much better than many people.

Please excuse me taking your time, to clarify misunderstandings so I'll be brief.

In the previous letter that send you, in point 4, I wrote:

4.-Currently they only come to Peru 3 Spiritual Master and you and you are the one who stays more days, So the natural tendency is to cling to asking for more mercy. Devotees are seeing the option to invite other spiritual Masters to ease the burden.

I must clarify the following:

1.- This idea I proposed to M Ganga as an alternative to avoid that when you come there is a lot of pressure on you. (that is, it is my proposal and it is my idea).

The Spiritual Master who spends more time with Péru is you and everyone demands some time with you.

2.- This comment caused discomfort in Abhirama d who understood that this is a threat to you and therefore an offense. I was surprised that this proposal is understood as a threat, but perhaps I need to explain this point better it usually happens that even if we speak the same language many times we do not understand.

HpS - I do not feel threatened...   Does not seem like a threat in any way??  Hmmm.   Maybe the translation gives different idea.

3.- You are a person much appreciated by my GM and very dear to me. I would not dare to offend you under any circumstances.

the last instruction my Gm gave was to take care of it and hear their classes. My GM said that they should advertise their programs at least 1 month in advance. Thinking about this, I asked the authorities of Wilson to request 3 or 4 days of classes in Wilson and to be able to make the necessary propaganda in advance.

I had to write this to the blog to avoid misunderstandings, I do not care if people think badly or wrong about me, but if all this causes anxiety to you or your disciples then I must clarify it publicly.

Thank you very much, Sri Nrsimhadeva protect you

Ys Isvari dd

HpS - Hare Krsna!     If anybody was in anxiety I hope that this clarifies it.    Nobody said much about your ideas except that they helped a lot.
Please go on with your efforts!

Our respects to you service!!!!!   See you in a few days!