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Hare Krsna dear Gurumaharaja
Please accept my humble obeisances
All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!

I hope you are in good health, I hope you are resting as necessary and feeding ['feeding' would be for a donkey, 'eating' for a 'gorilla'] correctly.

HpS - So sorry not to answer sooner. We have been rushing, pushing, whinning, to get everything done for this 10-week tour. Now it is Friday and basically we just have to accept whatever we have arranged.  Whew!!   It is good to die....    Our body is just like your body.     '@'pop~

Little is missing for your visit to Lima and I could have expected to tell you some things personally but I prefer to do it this way. I have started an intense psychological therapy that will help me overcome some emotional slopes that have prevented me from doing many things in recent years. These emotions have to do with a turbulent enough past and an exemplarily dysfunctional family. I do not want to continue dragging conflicts, so I am taking this decision. I have clung to the Mahamantra and the process, however, there are some impediments that make it difficult for me to relate well with my wife, my family and the devotees. This has produced a state of deep melancholy that I have always known to disguise, however, in the last year, the issue became unmanageable, sometimes. At first I thought that any extra attention to the affairs of the mind and emotions was a way of identifying with them but they do not allow me to unwrap as I need to, sometimes I feel a heavy stone in my chest as I stretch my limbs to fly. What can you recommend me, Gurudeva? What readings can serve me as a tool to turn this healing process into an offering for Lord Jagannatha?

I'm very excited to serve you again.

Your little servant

Gandharva dasa

HpS - I would suggest talking with The Candra-mukhi Devi Dasi and her Sister. She is a psychologist and maybe could recommend some help.

Not wrong to get help from a psychologist like getting help from a doctor for your gross body, but a devotee psychologist, Catholic, Mormon, Hare Krsna. They all will tell you that our process is very good tool. In the end it will solve all your problems, but if the Maha-mantra recomends you see a doctor to fix a broken bone, then why not accept that it is telling you to see a psychologist to deal with covered mental fractures?

Have you read Jung's biography?  That is nice. He looks at his own problems and of course we can apply it in our lives.

Yes, talk when we are in Lima.