words of gratitude of Isvari dd (little urgent)

1 year, 12 months ago by Isvari devi dasi in Special Category A

Hare Krsna.

Dear Maharaja.


Happy day Nityananda Trayodasi!

Some time ago I wanted to write an offering to you and I take this great day to do it.

Yesterday I was in the temple of Wilson until late helping in many things, and observe the devotees as they performed their service and meditated on the different types of surrender and attitude. I was wondering, what would please Nityananda the most?

And I remember the siksastaka, na dhanam na janam na sundarim ..... and aslisya va pada-ratam pinastu mam .... I want nothing more than Krsna, he is my only Lord … and came to my mind images of you and my Gm in how many obstacles have overcome to continue serving Krsna without any complaint and without claiming anything. At the age that most of us have, you were already preaching and taking risks to please Srila Prabhupada while we are still wrapped in our own lives with our mind and body. If we take this as reference and comparison we can see that you are a great devotee willing to give so much service to Krishna., to the point that he forgets himself, this is surrender, really you have understood and performed the BG you are a devotee of Bhagavata and I thank Krishna for the opportunity  to know him and to hear his classes and I hope someday to be able to serve him or be useful.

By the mercy of my spiritual master I have a name, an identity, he put me on the path to Krsna and by the mercy of SSHPS I am learning to walk this path thanks to you I am knowing how to serve Krsna. you help me understand Srila Prabhupada's instructions and strengthen my relationship with him… What would I do if I had not met you? ... surely I would continue speculating (now I speculate less) . From you I am learning many things mainly to love Srila Prabhupada's books and improve my relationships with everyone.

There is no doubt that Krishna's mercy without cause exists to have the fortune to be able to hear and learn from You.

Forever grateful to you

Sri Nrsimhadeva protect you forever

Ys and spiritual niece

Isvari dd

Note: Abhinanda d send you his offering in December but he forgot to send as “little urgent”

HpS - ASA -- All the bad things we give up, we didn't really like anyway. Who likes smoking, who likes illicit relations? It is not a matter of even giving them up. It is a matter of purifying our attachment. We are attached to eating nice food. That is good if it gives us impetous to nice service.

It is very hard for us to distinguish in a fine way what is stimulating food for the body now, and what is stimulating food for later also.

We are trying to get finer and finer intelligence.

It is like walking on the razor's edge.