Isvari's proposal for program (urgent)

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Hare Krsna Dear Maharaja


I hope you are well and happy in the company of Sri Nrsimhadeva.

thank you very much for answering my letter

And I apologize for taking your time.

Ganga dd has written to you.

Something that we have to improve here in Lima is that of communications, maybe this is because we are not mature. On the one hand Ganga dd feels your disciples do not give you information about you and your program and the information from Abhirama d sometimes does not reach the whole board on time. And often information by letter or phone is not enough, a face-to-face meeting is required where one of your disciples explains your program and clarifies doubts.

This is why it would be good if Jivasakti could be the spokesman between the administrative board of Wilson and your disciples (at this time Jivasakti d has resumed his relationship with the board of wilson and they have invited him to teach for Nityananda's party).

On the other hand both Yamunesvara d and Ganga dd want you to stay at least one night or 2 in wilson, They ask for this so that devotees who can not go to Callao they have the opportunity to hear your classes. And some of his disciples do not agree with this because they fear for their safety and comfort. this is largely due to what happened with SS Prahladananda swami. I talked about this to Ganga dd and she explained that the vyasana where Maharaja sat down, they had disarmed it for a program and the devotee and the devotee who put it back together did not do it well and they did not notice that day Ganga dd was not in wilson she had traveled to Chile and Yamunesvara d does not have the ability to see details and the disciples of maharaja came to clean the room with little time for SSPS to arrive. so the lack is 50% percent for both sides.

Ganga dd wrote to SPSS apologizing for what happened. Authorities will try to give you the best facilities for your stay. As for the programs at the university, she will attend, just ask to be informed in time.

From my part , the program for Wilson would be like this:( I have sent this to the wilson board and I will also send to CMdd)

March 9     4.30- 5.30 pm meeting with Wilson board

                    7pm  class It can be BG or Srila Prabhupada

March 10    6.30- 8am  class SBG Canto 2

                     4.30 (to start at 5pm) – 6.30pm initiation ceremony (it would be better so, so that you do not arrive so late to Chosica or Callao)

March 15    5-  there may be interviews

                     7 – 8  class of BG

  March 16     if  maybe you can stay to rest in Wilson and  if it is possible to give us a class of SBG

Note: Please you choose the most convenient topics, for now here in wilson for those dates we will be in cap 15 of BG and and we continue in Canto 2 of sbg although it can be another Canto

April 23    7pm   class BG and farewell from Wilson Temple.( it is likely that a celebration will be made to Sitadevi)

Sri Nrsimhadeva ptotect you

Thanks a lot

with affecction

ys and spiritual niece

Isvari dd

HpS - Sounds very very nice.  It is about the same with a few changes to the one that Candra-mukhi Devi Dasi has at Is alright that she just keep the Official Calendar this time and she can work with The Shaktiman (Jiva-shakti Das) in co-ordinating the details with Wilson?