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2 years ago by Isvari devi dasi in Calendar Development

Dear Maharaja


I want you to be always with a lot of spiritual energy and I hope that the health of your body improves.

I'm worried about the temperature drop in the USA hopefully Ilavati (Mother earth) have mercy

Following your instruction post on the blog the program proposals, I present here the following:

1.-for now I have the service of coordinating the class of Bg in wilson and I want to I want to invite to give classes AND / or seminars:

themes could be: Principles of Religion

                                Because the VAD is important and the importance of knowing our dharma (occupation)(from a psychological perspective)

                                 the psychology of a dhira

if you want to give other topics is welcome.

possible days: March  Friday 9  and  Saturday 10

                                        thursday 15 and friday 16

HpS - Seems fine with us 15 but not 16. Idea is to do program Friday night to Sunday noon in Chosica, un ciudad diferente. Please co-ordinate with Abhirama, Jiva-shakti et al

If you think it is necessary more days, let me know.

2.- Here in Lima there are 4 candidates for 1st initiation (B Rukmini, B Lourdes, B Miguel. B Juan). So far they are complying with the requirements.

HpS - We know them well. They are all good devotees of Krsna!

if you agree, Administrative Board of Wilson proposes as the possible date for initiation ceremony would be Saturday 17 March.

HpS - Again the first weekend 9th - 11th in Lima and the second 16-13th in Chosicsa

Arrive 6th late:

7th meet with Crew

8th Meet with Ramon Mujica

9th BG Wilson

10th Initiations(?), BG Wilson

11th ?

12th ? Ek

13th Press conference

14th Jesuit University at 6PM

15th BG Wilson

16th - 18th Chosics > Lima

19th Rest in Lima

20 Cusco

21 La Paz

22 Chochabama >>>> Brazil

3.- Wilson Board also invites you to give SBG class, please.

Thank a lot for your mercy.

Sri Nrsimhadeva protect you

with affecction

ys and spiritual niece

Isvari dd

HpS - Thank you. Thanks to our family. Guess we will domicile mostly in Callao. You see there is so much time for other programs, nice retreat in Chosica.