Updating our report, we tell you that we continue working in Puerto Maldonado, we have many difficulties with the Internet, it is very restricted in our work and having an internet plan in the city is a bit expensive. We travel not to Cusco not very frequent and it is difficult to participate in the programs of the Temple, nor do we have communication with Goura Rupa Prabhu. P. Govinda das went to Lima two months ago, and we are alone here, alone fighting with our mind and trying to do some service here, not just karmi work, we started having problems. We told you that two and a half weeks ago, our sadana is trying to get up a little more intense, and we are finishing singing our rounds before 6:00 am so that we can be very energetic, we are reading the Srimad Bhagavatam with my wife, at 6:00 a.m. by phone, our priority is to get to sing 20 rounds a day, the additional rounds if we do not finish it before 6 o'clock we try to complete it at another time, the free hours we have are reading a bit to refresh our little intelligence, for it we try to sleep less hours, we are giving fight to the mind, We are trying to get up at 3:00 am to be able to sing our rounds and finish them after Mangala aratik.

Things with the family are fine, trying to solve Nilacandra's neglect problems in the school, very distracted, we are always talking, Vrisabhanu Nandanu, does not have many problems, is very intelligent, learns fast. My wife is calm because of the work that I have, she is not very worried about the separation, she knows that if I do some nonsense here, I would not know how to explain that to you, it would show that I have little intelligence ... very little. For everything else everything is fine, always thinking of you. and how to recover the lost time ... of the project that I spoke to you I will have it ready for your VP, as an offering. We will try to do a little sankintan here, for our spiritual good. Dear Gurudeva, we are always thinking of you, we pray for your blessings to get out of this material puddle, we no longer want to suffer. We plan to stay here for a few more months and then return to Cusco, but we want to do it with new thought that will contribute to Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON. We will always be grateful to him for his unlimited Mercy. May the mercy of Sri Krishna always be poured out on you.

Hare Krishna Dear Gurumaharaja.

Your useless servant wannabe

govardhana das

PS: I will write to Guora Rupa with a copy of my situation, as my authority. The times I can go to the Temple I associate with devotees, especially with my Sister Goura Gadhadara dd.

HpS - ASA -- Hare Krsna!    You are a Sannyasi. Even if you smile at people it has potency. It goes deep and they give up doing bad things and hope for a better life. Are there churches there? GO to church. What are you reading with your esteemed wife?  How old is your child? Only one?