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All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

By order of Karuna Krsna prabhu I send you this report commenting that we have had our first meeting with him and Yugala Kisora ​​dd. to address the education issues for the temple of Chosica. Here the details:

  • At the moment, the designation of prabhu Karuna Krsna as national education coordinator has not been made so we are only working at ISKCON Chosica level. In that sense, the temple administration and its educational program are independent of ISKCON Lima.
  • The first topic that has been discussed has been the Sunday school. At the moment it is not working because the parents are not taking the children to the temple. Since a few weeks, no free prasadam is being distributed, so many families are going to the temple after lunch, at best. Some possibilities are being considered such as giving free prasadam to children or making some adaptations to activities to make them more attractive to children and their parents.
  • On the other hand, we are looking for some ways to improve existing educational programs, for this we have to make an evaluation and convince current teachers to improve a higher educational standard as necessary. Some pedagogical techniques can be included, among them is considered the need to prepare a workbook for students and another for teachers, so that the contents are better structured than at present. 
    HpS ASA -  What are the "existing programs"?
  • It is intended to extend the educational concept to a model that not only cultivates the academic (sastrical), but also formative (character and behavior) aspects. To do this, we are working with the Danavir Swami manual, Fortunate Souls, which I was asked to summarize. Then we will see how this content is included in existing courses or how it is articulated as an independent course.
  • Finally, a small temple education committee has been set up as follows: Karuna Krsna dasa (program director), Gandharva dasa (pedagogical advisor / secretary), Yugala Kisora ​​dd. (Educational promoter). For the moment, we will be meeting once a month. We will be reporting on our progress with the same frequency Gurumaharaja.

Your servant

Gandharva dasa

HpS - Hare Krsna!   AGTSP   paoho.   Thank you for the news. I see YOUR educational report next. I think the Chosica development depends very much on your personal development. If it is exciting, so will be the Chosica program.

Please offer our humble obeisances to KKD!  and YKD!  from HpS-ASA.  O.K.???