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<pre data-fulltext="" data-placeholder="Traducción" dir="ltr" id="tw-target-text"> ​​​Dear Guru Maharaja </pre>

Please do my humble obeisances

All glories to Srila Prabhupada

Just as you asked me by phone here I am sending you some letters from my authorities and from those who are aware of my spiritual process here in the temple of Sri Sri Radha Madhan Gopal in Mexico City.

This is the letter from the temple president.

Hare Krsna

Maharaja Hanumatpresaka Swami.


What i can said  that he is a good boy, hes good doing his service , preacher and sankirtan devotee, he attends bhakti vrksa groups; and one way or another his deals with people has made this programas successful  and eveybody likes him a lot, he is little bit passionate and he needs to improve his sadhana bhakti, and preferably chant his rounds early. I think he is excellent and i think is good that he takes second iniciation, he deserves it. he counts with my recomendation and approvation without a problem. Im very glad to salute you and i hope you are ok, wishing that krishna keep blessing your wonderful service and that Srila Prabhupada blees us with your association here in Mexico Yatra.

your servant Maharsi Das


This is the letter from my sankirtan leader:

Hare Krsna

Maharaja Hanumatpresaka Swami.


With regard to the person of Vrajendra Kumara prabhu as far as I am concerned, I have observed a great development in the distribution of books because of his sincere effort in following the sadhana bhakti, the chanting of japa and a strict discipline in reading the books. The Sacred books of Srila Prabhupada, mainly SB And the B.G .. On the other hand I feel that he can improve in some aspects of personal dealings with his authorities or senior devotees respecting the principle of authority beyond what he considers a competent leader. Other things to improve are to struggle with their intense desire to want to excel over others in the sense of wanting to be the center of attention and the containment or transmutation of their repressed anger. Surely in my role as a temporary leader I am not very exemplary for him and that is why it costs him much more to deal with these things. Beyond the things that he can improve, I see a young man with many desires to grow in spirit, to share the consciousness of Krsna and with great potential and that is very rare to find and worthy of highlighting. No more for the moment and waiting for the best resolution for him from his point of view I respectfully bid him at his feet.

His insignificant servant Jayadeva Hari Dasa (JPS).

This is the letter of my Siksa Guru, and my spiritual guide of the temple:

HH Hanumatpreshaka swami

The devotee Vrajendra Kumar is a very enthusiastic person and in harinam he makes everybody chant, dance and be happy, he is very dadecated distyributing Srila Prabhupadas books. He is a warrior because im seeing him steady in hard moments, he is good friend and companion of devotees and also detached  and charitable, he shows determination and he doesnt like to see faults in other or criticize.  He is compassive and share magnanimity. He have facility to reveal his mind in confidence  and likes to respect his authorities. 

Somethimes he is stubborn for which he NEEDS to have knowledge  about the scriptures. Nowadays he seems more dedicated to read and study Srila Prabhupada books, so we are sure that He will have a unequivocal conviction .  For me he is a good candidate for secund Iniciation.

pamho agtsp

Adhoksaja Dasa dasa Anudas

This is the letter of my spiritual brother and Head pujari:

Hare Krishna

Dear Gurumaharaja, i see that Vrajendra Kumar is a great devotee and his mood is to be always enthusiastic and he is very active in preaching, i can understand that one person is brahamana when he has quilities to teach and study scriptures and he has those qualities. I see that his service and his work can improve if he takes second iniciation, hopefully you can give your mercy and then obtain pure devotional service and be more successful in his spiritual life.

please accept my obaisances dear Gurumaharaja

His insignificant servant Sacinandana Das 

I ask and pray please excuse my offenses 


Thank you so much Gurumaharaja for all your pacience, and my only hope in this world is to really understand all the mercy that you shower upon us.


I am looking forward to your response. 

your donky servant:

Vrajendra Kumara Das

HpS - Highly Esteemed and Venerable Donkey Servant,
Such very nice letters. Very nice to be in contact with these people that we know. Is Bhakti Sastri now a requirement for Second Initiation? Have you taken that diploma???