Bhaktin Carol from Buenos Aires

Please accept my most humble obeisances
All glories to Sri Sri Radha Krishna

All glories to Sri Sri Gaura Nitai

All glories to Srila Prabhupada

All glories to you

Dear Guru Maharaja:
This is a letter to say thank you.

I have been some years in Krsna´s Conciousness and at the beggining was something hard because I thought I wasn´t material to being a devotee, for different reasons, mainly because I could accomplish the standar, how I saw it, to other devotees seemed more natural but to me was so difficult.

My life wasn´t so easy as today. I have been through a lot, really I never waited [wanted?] my life were like this.

I´m writing this to explain how lucky and grateful I feel, because I never imagined to go to Chile to take shelter of you and having an amazing spiritual father right now.

HpS - A Godfather?  Like Marlon Brando???!!

So much times in the past I begged for help to God, and help is here. I´m surrounded of such a good devotees who inspire me, take care of me and always help me.

Now I understand that even the worst situation was to get me more closer to Krishna.

I feel very happy and blessed, I hope one day I could give you my heart.

HpS - Please do it in a box with an address on it with comment: To only be opened for quick inspection and promptly passed to Srila Prabhupada for more careful decisions.   We are acting as ISKCON diksa guru. That is more the formality like the Priest who marries you (to Krsna), but also as Siksa gura. There should be many of those. Main thing now is to take shelter of Prabhupada and take help of people who can help you in that relationship, like formal first initiation, understanding his books.

Thanks Sri Krsna, thanks Srimati Radharani, thanks Lord Caitanya, thanks Srila Prabhupada and thanks to you.

Sometime I asked you how to do to love Krishna so much that I couldn´t think in anyone else, you told me: by directing to our guru, Srila Prabhupada, chant your rounds for him. I can´t understand this very well, can you explain it please?

HpS - I don't remember the situation or what we said, but is understanding Bala-rama, Guru. Balarama dances with Gopis but not in the mood of a lover, husband. He dances in the mood of a dance teacher. He tries to show them what it is like to dance with Krsna as a boyfriend, to prepare them to dance with Krsna(??). So we chant HK/HR in the association of Srila Prabhupada, Gaura-Nitai FOR Radha and Krsna!  O.K?

To serve you

Bhaktin Carol 

HpS - You are in BsAs yatra or Santiago....?????