News of Lima- urgent

2 years, 7 months ago by Isvari devi dasi in Calendar Development

Hare krsna Dear Maharaja,


First of all I want to thank you for all your efforts and dedication to the educational symposium in Seattle.

You must be very very tired but happy, you remind me of Lord Siva always thinking about how to help others.

Here is briefly the following:

1.-SSBBS will be visiting Arequipa from Wednesday 12 to Friday 14 July.

SSBBS said that it is best that you take charge of the class on Friday, July 14, as the educational issue is a very important topic and you are an expert on this branch.

Already communicate this to Lad and prabhu said that then that day will be held the 3rd Educational Encounter, it would be from 5 to 8pm in Wilson.

2.-With respect to initiation of B Anka has come difficulty to find location for the ceremony.

In Chosica can not be done because they affect the feelings of Dvija dd (she does not oppose initiation only asks not to be in Chosica), and in Wilson authorities do not give an answer.

Other possible places are: Arequipa, Cusco, Callao.

3.- Day Saturday 24 june,10 am, Yamunesvara prabhu will present you 4 aspirants to refuge are: Juan Espejo, Lourdes (wife of Juan), Rukmini (daughter of Tarangaksi dd) and Miguel angel. They have given the exam of refuge and have taken the courses of Introduction to bhakti yoga and Disciples in ISKCON, at the moment the 4 are in services of: kitchen, preaching and pujari.

I asked that you send the letter of recommendation to your mail but it seems that Yamunesvara p prefers to deliver the letter to you personally.

Sri Nrsimhadeva protect you

with affection

ys and spiritual niece

Isvari dd

HpS - Thank you. AGTSP!   paoho.  We can do the ceremony most anywhere if we have the letter. Of course, it is nice with the most devotees!  We hope to spend as much time as possible with Maharaja.