Guruji's N E and all of India.

1 year, 8 months ago by Yamuneswar Das in Personal Sadhana Reports
All glories to Guruparampsra, AC Prabhupada, Sripada Maharaja and HpS Guru Maharaja!
Dandabat Pranam Guru Maharaja,
Yestarday I went to Imphal ISKCON Manimandir to meet Ananda Haridasa Swami Maharaja and Sarada D D about Guruji's N E India Visit but I could not meet Haridasa Swamiji because He left Imphal earlier and Dr. Sarada inform me that they had already discussed so I took their suggestion through message and suggested 24-26 March 2019 will be better in Imphal programme. We are requesting Guruji Maharaja's suggestion and convenience dates etc.
My daughter's engagement completed and date will be 13 or 19 March, 2019.
In Manipur winter started, today 6 degree celceus.
Yours fallen servant,
Yamunesvara Das

HpS - ASA --- Hare Krsna!!! AGTSP. Paoho. If you are chanting 16-nice rounds a day and following four principles strictly etc. then you must be becoming practical associate of Radha and Krsna by the mercy of Guru and Gauranga!
We just got back to North America after very hard and very successful preaching programs in South America. We hope your daughter's wedding will be very, very useful for the growth of her spiritual life.
Sitting down here in Tennesse, USA, we are just now going to try to fix this India tour.
Arrive 23 January in Mumbai. Host Ramagiridhari Das with visits to Navi Mumbai etc.
28 January travel to Govardhana Eco Village with RGD. Meet with Gauranga darshana Das et al. Other devotees can visit there the same time. Contact local authorities.
3 February travel to Pune with Gauranga-darshana Das. 4-9 February = Sastric Education Conference.
10 February fly from Pune to Delhi. Do programs in Delhi (two or three days) then go to Vraja. Hosts in Delhi Aja-govinda Das Youth Forum Director, Yuddhisthira Govinda Das; in Vraja Tunga-vidya Devi Dasi, Jagamohan.
20 February to Kolkatta
23 Feb to Mayapura for Minstry of Education meeting 24-26, meeting with friends until the Sannyasi, GBC, Guru Sanga on the 4-6 March.
7 March to Kolkata
8 March to Imphal? Silchar?
19 March to Kolkata
22 - to Mumbai
23 - to USA.
What do you think of this? We would be in NE from 8-19 March? Where should we go? We need your comments very soon to buy tickets. Of course, we can also meet devotees in Vraja and Mayapura ( 27 Feb - 3 Mar).