Report about educational-admistrative Lima issue (isvari dd)

2 years, 8 months ago by Isvari devi dasi in Sankirtana / Temple Activity Reports

Hare Krsna Dear Maharaja,


I want your spiritual energy to increase.

ASA - King Kong of the Spiritual World!

With regard to educational-administrative issues I inform you the following:

1.- Since last year was talking about changes in BS Administrator, then you resigned BS Examiner and then had to find a new pair: Examiner-Administrator.

It began to make proposals from the month of October 2016, but there everything was stopped.

Although it is true the initiative was born of Nimsar, this subject ended up causing a great problem within Nimsar.

Many anarthas appeared.

2.-This time was passing and this task is not defined you also manifest in some letters that there must be seriousness in order to organize courses if we want to work under the care of ASA.

Lad also expressed concern (he is giving courses). We was decided that the proposal should be sent to the National Board: Mathuresh -Candramukhi dd (examiner-adminstrador).

3.- Together with the proposal will send a request for approval of potential teachers to work with ASA.

4.-My collaboration in this, is to take care of the formalities. So I would send the letter of proposal to the National Board.

I decided to first discuss this proposal with the board of wilson (especially with Ganga dd and Yamunesvara d) to know their opinion.

Already lad had commented on this from Chosica authorities and they agreed.

5.-From the conversation with Ganga dd, conclude what follows:

-Wilson's board according to Mathuresh -CMDD

- List of teachers to work with ASA (Lad, Cmdd, Lilasakti dd, Abhinanda d, Isvari dd, Yugala dd). They agreed.

_Ganga dd inquires how would the organization of Asa? With whom they will work?.

(Before asking me this, she clarifies that she does not want anything from Nimsar because she does not have confidence)

Seeing this, I asked some questions and then proposed the following:

A.-The group ASA-Peru would have as authority to SSHPS and to the National Board.

B.-There will be no posts of President, neither secretary nor treasurer, there will be only coordinators of areas:

Lad coordinator of academic material

Cmdd course coordinator

Isvari coordinator of procedures and mediation before the National Board.

C.-Each teacher will give a report of his students to his local board and National Board.

D.-Programs is coordinated with National Board.

A Ganga dd thought this proposal optimum. She asked me to send the written proposal of Examiner-administrator and ASA-Peru and she submits it to the National Board to discuss the issue when present Mathuresh d (20-23 May).

6.-Communicate all this to Lad, but he does not agree to send anything to Wilson's Board but go directly to National Board and talk to Mathuresh d and this is on the recommendation of his authority.

The fact is that my authority is Ganga dd and she asked me something different than what Lad says.

On the other hand the National Board, not only Chosica, but also Wilson, does not explain the topic and talk to them is reckless. We need the blessings of both Mathuresh and National Board.

7.-The best thing for me is that we only send proposals and that the Board decides, if they want to accept the proposal we send or the proposal of Yugala (Mathuresh-Rohini dd) or another, that they see, if they take a good or bad Decision that is their responsibility.

Sri Nrsimhadeva protect you

Ys and spiritual niece

Isvari d

HpS - ASA --  Hare Krsna, Prabhu!  AGTSP...  paoho.  Thank you for all these efforts!    We discussed by telephone with you, Yugala, CMDD, LAD this mornnig and our suggestion is that anybody who is interested in these formal educational programs in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador arrange meetings with Mathuresa Das and then ourselves and then the National Council and then the local Temples etc.

So, first lets have some discussion with Mathuresa Das. In any case we can all continue meeting on Startmeeting and when we meet while traveling and even have Diplomas from ASA-Nashville.