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2 years, 3 months ago by Mitravinda d.d in Personal Sadhana Reports

Hare Krishna Gurudeva !

Please accept my humble obeisances at your lotus feet !!!

ASA - Lettuce feet!

All glories to Srila Prabhupada !!!

ASA - Lotus feet!

Gurudeva, as I told you in my last two letters…my spiritual life is getting better....

ASA - So is ours!!!  We hope to keep up with you!   AGTSP!

...if I compare it with previous years. I am steady with my sadhana; mangala artik every day, 16 rounds, 4 principles strictly, etc.

I am always focusing on doing a good sadhana; trying to chant my rounds well….as you always tell us: “is the base of everything”.

Even though there are days that I feel good and enthusiastic…..there are others that I feel with little motivation, discourage and tired, almost like I do not have any direction in my life….in the sense of what are my plans for the future? ( If I still have a “future”, we do not really know when we will leave this body ), sometimes  I was wondering: what is my path ?, what can I do to serve Krishna ? What is my service to Krishna ?

HpS - Chant Hare Krsna!!!!

In my moments of discouragement and lack of motivation…I have been trying to discover HOW to feel alive or how to be alive in this bhakti-yoga process…in other words I mean: how to stay enthusiastic and happy in my spiritual life…

ASA - Yell!    Hare Krsna!!!  Loudly one time and the Witch will flee far, far away!

...besides practicing my daily sadhana; chanting my rounds, doing mangala artik, etc.  I would like to know what else I can do in terms of devotional service to Krishna and at the same time keep the enthusiasm and motivation.

ASA - Hey!   That's like asking, "Besides tending the root of my mango tree what can I do to make better mangos". There is nothing "differnent" form Daily Sadhana. Different projects and communities, friends, Sankirtan partners, emerge as a result of Daily Sadhana Bhakti!

One result of DSB is to realize that it is eternal. As we wake up the "Days" become an eternal Yantra.  We step back, back, back and it remains a part of our spiritual world. Maya is in the spiritual world just like the City Prison is a part of Lima, but little part if you are alive to the greater Lima.

I have been wondering in regards to my guna and karma what is it that I like to do ? or what would I like to do in the future?

ASA - We are looking into our Crystal Ball (TB/BW) we see that in the future you will be a ... H J S M  (exchange each letter for the previous one in the alphabet and get the mystical answer form TB!). That's a good basis for a lot of work, no? We have a lot to do in this perspective just being Sanyasis.

Ayuveda helps. Six astrologers might help. Asking friends will help determine this stuff . Then it has major changes every 14-years!   Hare Krsna!

A few days ago while I was singing Guru-astaka in Chosica…all of the sudden it came to my mind one “Idea” or “inspiratión” where I realized that what I would love to really do is to travel….travel constantly, see new and different places, meet new people, new devotees, make new friends, have new friends and stay for a short period of time in each place. Then, after that “idea” another one came to my mind: that if I want to travel this way…..what I could do is to teach “Bhakti Yoga” or “Bhakti Sastri” courses in different places.

ASA - Jaya!  Do it!   With a friend!! !     Teach Bhakti yoga by smiling at people.

Gurudeva, I did Sankirtana, book distribution out in the streets, in public buses for several years, but now it is difficult for me to do that, because as I told you before I have a difficult time walking due to an issue with my leg, so I am not suited to do Sankirtana in public buses the way I did in the past, I can not be standing up or walk for longer periods of time and besides Lima is increasingly hectic these days.

So, I was thinking lately about this “idea”….this “plan” of consciously study Srila Prabhupada´s books, train myself to be able to teach this philosophy. There is an organization called “Cultura del Bhakti” that is directed by P. Param Padam from Argentina…you know him. His institution gives on-line classes to become teacher of the Vedic scriptures, I was checking their page on Facebook and this institution gives these courses: TT1 ( Teacher training 1 ), TT2 ( Teacher training 2 ), and the course to become a Bhakti Sastri teacher, when you finish these courses they give you teacher official credentials, so you can teach in different places.

ASA - Might work. Maybe you can give it a try, but with a friend!!

Actually… Gurudeva, more than teaching “Bhakti Yoga” or “Bhakti Sastri” from a technical point of view.…what I would like more than anything is being a kind of counselor, to give advice, to guide, to encourage and support other people, I like to be connected to people, the human connection, to be a “friend” to others.

ASA - Exactly. The money will come. Do you need a title?  We can give you an examination and a title from ASA. What is a good title.

I know that to do all this I will have to train myself and get qualified….not only in the scriptures knowledge but in my own purification.…and as you said:  “build our character”.

What do you think Gurudeva ?

Do you think it is a good idea for me? in a short-term?, med-term?, long-term?

I am experiencing a planetary tamasic phase (long Rahu period) where I have a hard time studying Srila Prabhupada books although I feel that my sadhana is helping me a lot I still find it difficult to concentrate on reading for long periods of time. To be very honest….I have been reading very little each day. What do you recommend about this?

ASA - Read a little from a lot of different books during the day. Read books by devotees. Satsvarupa Goswami. Go go many events in Lima. Go to smile at people!

Thank you, Gurudeva !!!  for all your patience and causeless mercy upon me !!!!!!

Trying to be your servant !!!

Mitravinda d. d.

ASA - Trying to be the flea on your flea!!  We are following your example! Send us a story about your Deities!!