Urgent: Topic tu one of the public conferences

2 years, 10 months ago by jagad.guru.das in Calendar Development

Dear Guru Maharaj,
HpS-ASA - AGTSP! Paoho.

We have the whole itinerary <s>planning</s> [planned] day by day but we should [need to] confirm as [soon as] possible <s>as we can </s>the date[s] <s>to</s> [of] the two public conferences in the strategic places.

One of them is the "Biblioteca Nacional" and there, Rodrigo Hernández sugiere que presentar "Two Princess: Hamlet & Arjuna" instead something linked to Carl Jung due will be the first time of the theme in a place like this.

ASA - We contemplate how to realize his suggestion.

Due my experience in Peru I realize that we should invite to teachers and from universities and authorities and leaders to this kind of events to make new friends and alliances in the future.

ASA - Nobody is too big. We have such nice contribution even though our presentation of it may not be completely perfect.

So, our urgent question to check this place or other instead,  is to define the main topic, so I would to like what do you think about this proposal about Hamlet & Arjuna or if your prefer something about "Art and the Sacred". We would like to know.

HpS - "Hamlet and Arjuna" seems to be fine! Of course, it relates to archetypes.
We should aim to distribute BBT books, engage people in studying them with us and then they distributing books also. Happy life!

Thank you very much for this opportunity to serve you and to the Sankirtana Movement.

Hare Krsna Gurudev

HpS - Please send the itenarary as you have it now, no?  We can look at it. Raoul Zurit, others? Nice to have a cycle of lectures and discussions. Stay with the same themes for several days so people can join us for all of them. Some at our Temple, some in Universities...   We want to help your Sankirtan.