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2 years, 4 months ago by Bhaktin Carolsita in Personal Sadhana Reports

Dear Maharaja: 

All the glories to Sri Sri Radha Krishna
All the glories Srila Prabhupada
All the glories to you
Please accept my humble obeisanced

This is the second time I write, the first time I didn't receive an answer, so here a copy of that letter.

Dear Maharaja:    
How are you?!  
This is the first time I write. I´m Carol, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm 25 years old, I'm dressmaker.
I have many questions, but I’m going to leave them to another opportunity. The main cause for this letter is to telling you about a delicate situation that I´m going through, because of this reason I need your wisdom.
A friend is very ill, she is going to leave the body soon, during this illness, I asked myself: How would I live if I had short time?
So I said myself, I would chant Hare Krishna everyday, I would spend time with devotees, I would eat a lot of prasadam. In that time I wasn´t chanting 16 rounds neither going to the temple regularly.
Then another question appeared: why would I wait to the end to live like this? I can do it now.
Now i´m chanting 16 rounds, following the four principles, and doing service every time I have the chance.
My association got better, I made awesome friends who help me so much in my spiritual path, my life is sweeter, but I still having sadness for losing a beloved friend, I can´t explain how much I love her nor the pain that makes me feel.
I don´t know how to deal with this and I need a guide. 
I promise to write about prettier things soon.

HpS - ASA --- Thank you for your letter. The one that did not get a response probably came while we were traveling in India.
We just got back from traveling in Spain so letters are also a little delayed because of that also.

We also lose the association of people we like. We always give the example of one comment that we heard from Srila Prabhupada. Maybe it is like 1925. Your father is going to go from your home in San Francisco to work in China for 15-months. It is a very lucrative and important work. Everyone goes down to the big steam ship to say good bye. You and your brothers and sisters, mother, aunts, uncles, cousins...  are all there.  Of course, you feel separation, but it does not mean that there will not be letters, phone calls and eventually you will meet again with many presents exchange, many prizes that you won to show your daddy etc.

Losing a friend is a good lesson. Do you really want to get closer to your friend?  Then you are going to have to get out of this superficial view of life. Death tells you that, "Learn how to love people, not just their bodies and things".

I'm happily doing service, I'm going to Harinama every Friday, and to the Temple's Kitchen on Sunday. I really enjoy it.
I was thinking I always dreamt about love, at the beginning I only had a romantic idea about that, I think the society's concept of love is wrong. Now for Srila Prabhupada's mercy I know love is service, is on our eternal relationship with Krishna.
I read that Lord Krishna only can be conquered by devotees's love, and at the same time the devotees can be conquered by Krishna's love. I want to be conquered for him in such way that I can't think in anyone else, can you help me with that?

HpS - ASA -- By directing you to our Guru, Srila Prabhupada...   Chant your rounds for him.

Thanks Maharaja for your mercy
To serve you
Bhaktin Carol

ASA - So nice to meet you. Send pictures!